Weight Loss Pics: Before and Current For You To View!

Now that I have lost 40 pounds, I am going to brave it and share a few photos of myself throughout my weight loss journey.  I admit that I am a little scared to do this because I know that my before picture is pretty bad and I’m not talking just about my weight.  If you all remember, at the time I started the Medifast program, I was extremely sick and was not doing well at all.  I thought I had mono again and so did the doctors but it wasn’t that at all.  Then my family doctor thought it was this non-parathyroid hypercalcemia but when I finally saw the endocrinologist, he discovered that my thyroid levels were extremely high and he believes that is what was causing me to be so sick. 

So when you see this first picture of me, it is on the first day that I started the diet (6/20/10) and I was terribly sick, I had no energy at all, my hair looks terrible, no makeup…it’s pretty sad….

The second picture was taken on 8/10/10…

This one was taken on 9/15/10…

This one on 10/29/10…

The 40-pound mark weight loss picture taken on 11/21/10….

Has the weight loss cured my ME/CFS?  Absolutely not.  I still know everyday that I am sick and I still have flares.  But they haven’t been lasting as long and I still have more energy than what I did before I lost weight.  I am much happier and it feels wonderful and powerful to have accomplished something so challenging.  I still have more to lose but it’s a lifestyle change.  It’s not just about dieting.

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  1. WOW Sandy these pictures are just awesome! What a tremendous accomplishment. I am so envious! I’ve lost 40 over the past two years but there’s not nearly the dramatic change as you’ve had.

  2. You’re on your way, keep up the positive attitude and I love that you see the big picture. You’re an inspiration to people who are struggling right now and don’t have much hope. Sharing your story helps to provide hope, which is what a lot of people need more than anything. – Shane

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