We Can’t Give Up On Ourselves When Everyone Else Has

Trying to find the courage, strength, and energy to continue to fight with ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia is enough to make us feel like we are going to go crazy but we have to dig deep and not give up on ourselves even when everyone else has.  For most of us, we have went through many friends, doctors, most of our family members and have no one but ourselves left to depend on.  I know that in my own personal experience, I have to give myself many, many pep talks – sometimes dozens of them a day – just so I can get through the day without falling apart or breaking down completely.  But I want to live a normal life – as normal as I possibly can – and I am so stubborn and bound and determined – that someway, somehow, I am going to make it happen. 

Also as CFS & Fibro patients, we have had to be our own doctors many times because the medical community has been less than there for us over the years so we have had to research treatments and different avenues to try in the hopes of getting well.  I am one who has been willing to try many different things over the years in order to get well or in the hopes of getting well.  I don’t believe in quick fixes or cures but I do believe that if I want to get any kind of relief at all, I’m going to have to help ME first and foremost.  Whether it be through medications, diet, alternative therapies – whatever – I have tried lots of things.  Some with good results for a while, some with no positive results at all.  But the important thing is that we can’t give up on ourselves and we can’t stop looking and trying to get help.

Of course, we do have to consider finances when trying therapies and there are treatments out there that I have had to quit because we couldn’t afford them any longer.  Diet changes can make a world of difference for many people and you know something?  How many times has your doctor said to you, “Try eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, less processed foods, less sugar, and see how you feel”?  I have felt a world of difference since I have given up eating sugar and carbs – it is amazing what it has done for my energy levels.  But a doctor has never once recommended cutting any of these things out of my diet – they just want to write out prescriptions for more and more drugs. 

Keep fighting for yourself- I am getting stronger every day and am looking forward to my next appointment at the doctor so he can see how much better I’m doing.  Hopefully I will continue to see results.  Believe me, my body still lets me know daily that I have CFS & Fibromyalgia – I’m being very cautious and watching what I do on a daily basis.  But I have found a new strength and a new belief in myself and I’m going to live, and be happy, and not let CFS & Fibro beat me down!

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  1. Oh well, I guess we’re all a little different. I cut out processed foods, sugars and simple carbs for 6 months, vigilantly. I had absolutely no benefit in energy or wellness. Not to say this is not a good food program to follow, but it did absolutely nothing to improve my health or me/cfs/fm. Thanks for sharing your experiene Sandy.

  2. As a fellow sufferer of CFS/ME for the past twelve months, I can empathise with your situation totally. I find sharing my experiences with others helps me feel less isolated and gives me something positive to focus on.If you check on the attached link you can read about my experience with the medical profession in the UK http://www.youranswerswithin.com/2/post/2010/08/the-medical-professions-lack-of-mecfs-knowledge.html To this end, with my family’s assistance, we have started our own site. If you visit on the attatched link http://dld.bz/mBZq and like what we are trying to achieve, you might consider exchanging your HTML banner code or your URL so we can advertise on each others sites and hopefully spread the word to a greater audience.
    Julie x

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