Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Mood Disorders In Women

Research keeps showing that vitamin D deficiency is causing a lot of health problems and now there is more reason for women to worry.  The September-October issue of the Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health revealed the following information on vitamin D deficiency and mood disorders in women:

Four of six studies reviewed imparted significant results, with all four showing an association between low 25(OH)D levels and higher incidences of four mood disorders.

These mood disorders are:

  • PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
  • SAD (seasonal affective disorder)
  • Non-specific mood disorder
  • Major depressive disorder

The review of the studies show that there may be a possible biochemical mechanism occurring between mood disorders that affect women and vitamin D.  Further studies will be needed to research this issue more.

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  1. PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
    all women get this, its normal .. but with vitamin D defeciency it gets unbearable ..
    I had mood disorders but with in the 3rd mega dose i was alright 🙂

  2. Hi Anna! Thanks for stopping by my site. I am vitamin D deficient and I am being treated for PMDD, which is severe PMS. I can relate with you!

  3. well i hope u get well soon =)
    what is ur level?

  4. i have a level 21 vitamin deficiency… and i am always sad… i crave sunlight. i take 50000 units of D a week, doctors orders…and i have recently found out i have polycystic overies and that they can cause my vitamin deficiency… woooooooo, how do i feel in control of my own health when i feel so out of control?

  5. I found out that I was had a severe vitamin D deficiency about a month ago and have been taking 10,000 IU of vitamin D a day. I have not been able to figure out why I absolutely rage during PMS and have been to so many doctors trying to figure out if I am crazy…..I was so shocked to realize that just one month of the supplementation….I am feeling like myself after 10 years of seacrching for answers….it has been baffling to me….I feel much better….but I am curious how long it takes to get levels back up to a normal level???

  6. I have vitamin D deficiency, my levels are at a 12 . I am always sad, irritable and put on about 15 pounds!!! My PMS is terrible. Just finished up taking 50000 units of vitamin D for past three months. Eatting all the right foods and going out in the sun but still do not feel much better. I have slightly more energy but I feel crazy and feel as if I do not have control of my life. I hate it. I get my blood drawn next week and hope my levels went up, what else can they do for me other wise I just don’t know.

  7. I just recently went to a new clinic that does complete exams and I found out I’m vitamin D deficiency. My levels are at 11. I could believe all the symptoms related to having low levels of vitamin D. I’m 39 years old and I’ve been experiencing most of the symptoms for almost 10 years now. Our doctor put us on a prescription vitamin D and an over the counter vitamin D for 8 weeks. I hope this helps because dealing with the extra weight I’ve put one in the last 10 years, chronic pain, arthritis, PMS, and my crazy mood swings is really too much for one person to deal with. I hope I’m like Amna and it goes away after my 3rd mega dose.

  8. Christine says:

    I was just informed that my level was 5. I have been dealing with trying to heal after a heparin over dose 18 months ago. Now the doctors think this could be the cause for the delay in healing. Amazing something so simple could cause so much trouble. I had my first mega dose today. Wish me luck.

  9. I can’t tell you all what a relief it is to read your comments and see that I’m not crazy! I’ve been suffering from extreme mood swings (among other things) for years. No one else I knew seemed to have the same problems I did. I had gone to the doctor years ago but he couldn’t find anything wrong with me. Recently I got desperate enough to see another doctor and finally got some answers. My blood work showed I was very deficient in vitamin D and B12. I’m so excited. I’m very hopeful that taking the prescribed supplements will help me greatly.

  10. Katie Norder says:

    I’ve suffered with pain, fatigue, and low immune system since I was a kid. After my fibromyalgia recently got debilitating and my doctor just putting me on more medicine, I went to an osteopathic doctor. Thyroid and b12 came back fine, but my vit. d level is at 20 and that’s after being out in the sun most of the week prior to my testing. It explains so much. I’m now on 10,000 iu a day and will be tested again in 4 weeks. It feels so good to know that there is hope and that I may soon be in less pain and have more energy for me, my husband, and my 2 boys. Yeah!

  11. LisaCarol says:

    Three years ago a doc said my VitD was low. D,125 though was normal. D25OH was the bad one. She told me to sit in the sun. It was December. My PTH (parathyroid was also elevated but calcium very normal. I found another doctor (ENDO) and he was just about as bad as the first one. He spaced my blood work every 6 months and would not answer questions or respond if one had issues about RX of D and Thyroid meds he placed me on. I fired him as I needed to know what was going on. I felt like crap. I am post menopausal and never had issues with depression or PMS. Depression now has found me. I did my own research and found that Parathyroid Gland levels can elevate with LOW vitamin D levels and with Normal Calcium levels. I knew then that I was not Hyperparathyroidism. My last D level had come up to 35 from 6 after 50,000 units of D taken once a week for 12 weeks. Levels should be around 50, I heard to feel good. Parathyroid Levels were coming down. Since I fired the 2nd doctor…I knew I needed a maintenace dose so I started taking 1000 mg of D3 (over the counter) I found another endo and she is a lil better than the first 2. I also went over all of this with my female cardiolgist and lo and behold she is low in D also. She ordered Celiac blood test as she has celiac disease that is contributing to her low D levels. She is wonderful! My recent D levels and thyroid levels and parathyroid levels were : D was down to 29. New Endo has increased me to 2000 units of D daily. My parathyroid levels was a tad elevated but no concern. My TSH was still a tad high. I will have repeat blood work in 6 weeks. Now, I learned something. The 2nd endo had me on high doses of Thyroid meds as I am low. He knew I had heart disease and heart stents. Cardiac patients need to be closely monitored if they are taking thyroid meds. My 2 former endo’s never told me this. New Endo and Cardio doctor are now monitoring this very closely. I may never get my TSH down to a 1 safely, but they will try to get it to a safe level without affecting my heart. They do want the D levels to get to a 50 plus for “me” for bone strenth, and a sense of well being. My Celiac levels came back normal but they want this repeated. Wow! What we women go through. I am also taking B12 injections once a month. My B12 readings were low normal (202) I also take a good muti vitamin for 50 and over females. I would love to hear what symtoms LOW D ladies are expereincing. Thanks. Lisa

  12. I just got the phone call that I am Vitamin D deficient. Reading about everyone else’s symptoms has really helped me. I have been going through the exact same things but hadn’t gone to any doctors. Severe PMS, depression, weight gain, unexplained pain everywhere. I thought it was something that I just had to live with. I finally broke down and went to the doctor. I am excited to start my vitamin d supplements. I am looking forward to finally feeling better. Here’s hoping it works!

  13. I was having severe fatigue to where I felt like I was going to quit breathing. I am a registered nurse and I had pain all over my body. One day i went to work in the clinic that I worked at just exhausted and in alot of pain and I told my doctor that I know something is low or high because I felt so bad. I had tingling around my mouth and one side of my face was going numb. I thought it could be fibromyalgia. But my doctor did not believe thats what it was, so she ran a bunch of tests, CBC, lytes, thyroid, b12, homeocysteine and Vit D. I anxiously awaited all of them coming back and they came back normal then finally!! the vit D came back low only 31 but low enough to make me feel horrible. keep in mind I was in the sun for 5-6 hours the day before and I was only 31. She put me on mega doses of vit D 50,000 u for 4 weeks then 1,000 daily. The pain is almost gone although I do get twinges and a little weakness when I do too much. but I will be getting my blood work in 3 weeks. Can’t wait to see where I’m at!! I am not as depressed I noticed a change in my mood,and outlook on things. I owe it to her. She now tests alot of her patients now for this. more doctors need to check their patients who c/o pain and fatigue for Vit D and not just B12 deficiencys either. I recomnend that anyone who has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia get their vit D checked because they do have the same symptoms and often alot of times these people go misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia when its really a deficiency.

  14. Lolita Carmichael says:

    I went to the doctor for severe swelling in my left ankle. I was afraid I was having issues with my circulation or my heart. I had an echocardiogram, veneous doppler test, and blood work. Suprisingly, everything came back okay and normal except for my bloodwork. I am vitamin D deficient. I can’t actually remember what my level is, as my doctor didn’t really go over the results with me but instead handed me a paper with my results and told me to buy 1,000 mg over the counter vitamin D. I haven’t really taken them faithfully because I didn’t think it was a big deal. I decided to search online to find out if there was anymore information leading to a reason for vit d deficiency. after reading everyones comments, I am certainly relieved. I’ve been dealing with bouts of depression, severe PMS, extreme fatigue, and muscle pain. I thought I was losing my mind. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences!

  15. I can relate to the many comments I’ve read and am overjoyed at finding this info on Vitamin D deficiency. I never realized how important sunshine is. I live in Juneau, Alaska, where we have rain probably 28 straight days every month. My recent visit to a doctor indicated I was at a level of 13 and should be a level 30 plus. I have the worst case of Seasonal Affective Disorder, am desparately depressed, drained of all energy, all my bones ache. I thought I was coming down with arthritis; however, thank the good Lord my doctor said I have very small degree of it. The Southeast rainforest is notoriously known for causing arthritis. Several leg injuries seemed never to fully heal and prevented me from even sleeping on my right side due to the pain. Old broken bones are most suseptible to aches. To add to the misery, I gained at least 25 pounds which I cannot work at to lose due to the snow and cold and icy streets for two winters now. I love to walk and am prevented from doing so. All’s not lost “however’as I will be traveling with the “snowbirds” soon and go spend this winter in Southern California and in Tucson…plenty of sunshine and wonderful warmth where I can walk to my heart’s content! My doctor prescribed the 50,000 units of vitamin D which I am hopeful will do the trick.

  16. Hello All,

    I am so glad I came across this website! I found out I was low in Vitamin D
    last year, when I had insurance, and I was treated with 50,000IU a week for 20 weeks and I FINALLY stopped having severe clinical depression (and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 12/07)……now I don’t have insurance so I don’t know what my levels are but I feel “the darkness” approaching again….I am going to try to keep taking 5000IU a day and see if that helps! I feel EVERY woman should be tested for this so many SERIOUS illnesses could be avoided! Thanks Sandy for bringing this to the forefront! It is very important…..the suffering is very real.

  17. Elizabeth Bailey says:

    I am stunned to read comments from all the women whose symptoms mirror mine..I have been fighting severe fatigue, have gained 20 lbs in six months, and feel as if every large bone in my body is aching..all the other symptoms too – depression, severe PMS, the works…i had experienced this off and on for the past fifteen years and the episodes would last for any where from six months to two years…my family doctor ran every test she could (except Vitamin D levels) and referred me to a hemotologist who ran even more tests, yet no vitamin D levels. neither doctor could find anything and wrote me off as “chronic fatigue syndrome” with no remedy – just “ride it out”…it was just last week that I found a new doctor due to a new job and new insurance..what a blessing!! she tested all my functions and levels which were normal, but she also ran my vitamin D and found me to be low @ 14 – she has ordered me to be on the 8 week mega dose followed by daily 1000 IU’s of D..I am hopeful that this will bring me the results that i’m reading about on this site…i would never have guessed my D to be low as i live in Florida and am outside daily and eat plenty of vitamin d fortified milk and yogurt daily..I am stunned to hear how many symptoms are related to a D deficiency..
    I wonder how many people, like me, have been labeled with Chronic Fatigue, or Fibromyalgia when it was possibly as simple as a vitamin D deficiency..scary..

  18. I suffer daily with generalized malaise,generalized aches and joint pain, crohn’s disease (a imflammatory bowel disease). My gastroenterologist tested my blood last week and found my Vit. D level to be “alarmingly”low (He did not tell me the actual number.) He prescribed a weekly pill of50,000 units softpli. I have just started the pill. I was wondering if a tanning booth would be helpful? Any ideas???

  19. Mari Ellen says:

    birdie and all,

    I have been suffering from depression and then experienced major relief after taking a mega-dose for several weeks…..I was told I had fibromyalgia and all of that pain has also disappeared… research suggests that tanning booths are not helpful…..a special “broad spectrum” light is safer and can help raise mood but the supplements are absolutely necessary! I now take 10000 IU a day……this is the top level that can be safely taken. I live in Northern New York state, east of Lake Ontario….we have a lot of cloudy days. CNN published an article yesterday on D and heart disease…..WOW, much more research is being done!

  20. So glad I found you guys. I am 38 and feel like I am falling apart! I have been tired all of my life…seriously. I have had sleep testing, thyroid testing, glucose testing, you name it…I’ve had it tested. My dr. had me on anti-depressants for well over 10 yrs. Not having a diagnosis was torture. At my last dr. appt. it was time for my yearly blood work, so I asked him if he would check my Vita D level. My mom has been harping on me to get it checked. Well, I got a call from the nurse yesterday, and indeed my Vit D level is critically low @ 4! I start Rx this week and will be retested every month. In addition to the fatigue, and excessive daytime sleepiness, I have been having moderate hip pain (left side) for the past 2 weeks. Don’t know if it could be related or not, also very moody and awlful PMS. Hoping I will feel better after starting the Rx.

  21. could any one write about her or his success story of treatment with vitamin d3.

  22. Well, I cannot speak for the female-related heath issues as I am male. However, I just found out that I have a vitamin D deficiency at only 4.3. I also have a history of SAD and general depression with a side of OCD, so it’s no wonder I feel like utter crapola most of the time. Especially this time of the year. Always dreaded winter – now it’s becoming more clear.

    Hopefully the vitamin D tabs the I am being prescibed will make me feel better, too. Between that and moving to a better climate maybe!

  23. My symptoms mirror all of those above- I’ve see chiropractors, massage therapists, family doc.s and never had any REAL answers until I got a fed up and just decided I would try new Doctors until one actually had a confident answer for me. I found that Doctor and got my blood tested-she said they ran the D test twice because they thought is was an error it was so low. She knew I already spent at least an hour outside everyday and we had tried anti depressants for the SAD symptoms with minor success. She started me immediately on Vitamin D3 supplements and we are in the wait and see stage. I am hopeful because if this isn’t the real problem then I’m not sure what is- I’m tired of feeling like I’m crazy- or a wimp- I know my pain is real and debilitating but I am 38 years old with 4 kids and a husband that need me and I cannot let this chronic pain be the end of me.

  24. I recently did a vitamin D test that they were giving to employees at my job. The results came back as 9 ng/ml!! Alarmingly deficient in vitamin D. The normal level is 30 ng/ml or more. I live in the midwest, where it’s colder and not alot of sunshine for the whole winter. I have been suffering from major PMS, anxiety and emotional problems since I was 16 years old. I’m now 25 years old. I think I found my answer. I always knew I had some type of deficiency in vitamin D that might be causing my mood problems. I’m planning to go to my doctor soon to get my vitamin D levels up. I also don’t drink milk because I have diary allergy.

  25. i have been diagnosed with low vitamin D level 6. i feel awful all the time. Ive been on antidepressants for several years. I have chornic pain throghout my body, i was thinking fibromyalgia, but reading all these comments it has to be my vitaminD. I hv frequent falls, sometimes i cant even get out of bed to go to work because of the no energy and body/bone aches. I was put on 4,000units a day but it makes me sick on the stomach. Tomorrow i am going to see a specialist about arthritis/ostopersis. i just want all the pain and depression to go away.

  26. RANDI ROBINSON says:

    i just got the diagnosis today and my vit d level is 4! i have not felt well in years and years!!! i will start on the meds today and hopefully i will feel better in a week or so.. I am not sure how long it takes to feel better but omg i hope it is soon! i have gained weight and have such severe pain in my arms, shoulders, ankles and neck and i thought it was all arthritis but reading up on the vit d tells me that not having enough can be the reason.. wish me luck in feeling better!!!

  27. I hope it is okay for a male to chime in on this thread. I’m age-47 and a thyroid patient (Hypothyroidism caused by Hashimoto’s thyroiditis) and over the past couple of years I’ve had increasing symptoms of fatigue and muscle weakness, despite proper thyroid hormone therapy. I also developed worsening asthma symptoms in the past few months. I asked my Dr. to order Vitamin D and Magnesium blood levels because I’ve been reading for years, that either of these being deficient can cause muscle weakness (pretty dumb that I didn’t ask for the tests sooner). My vitamin D came back deficient @ “17”. My Dr. placed me on 50,000 umits – capsules of Drisdol (Vit D). I took my second pill this week of my once-weekly dose. I’m confident that over a few more weeks of D replacement, I’ll see symptom improvements (putting prayer behind it too). Research studies have shown that Vitamin D is also important to immune function and nervous system function in addition to bone and muscle retention and strength. It is also necessary for healthy emotions. Studies of asthma patients reveal that their symptoms improve far more significantly when deficient (below 20) and insufficient (below 30) D-levels are corrected. Medical sources also say that Vit D is as much a steroid and precurser hormone (converts into calciferol and promotes conversion of others) as it is a vitamin. It’s nothing short of amazing to find out through my search/research how vital this vitamin is and how devastating to health it can be when deficient!
    Best Wishes to all of you who are being treated for D-deficiency. I hope we all see very significant results when our levels have been replaced back to normal and optimal levels!

  28. I have been suffering with EXHAUSTION for years. Doctor after doctor have told me over and over than I am suffering for depression but I never felt this was right. I’ve been taking antidepressents for 2 years with no change. I also suffer from chronic neck pain for 7 years now. I was tested for vitamin D this week and my levels were 9. I drink a lof of milk and I am in the sun on a regular basis. I cannot wait to start taking supplements to see if they will help.

  29. It is such a relief to read all of these stories. Like many of you I have been suffering from depression, severe PMS, severe fatigue, joint/muscle pain for nearly 20 years, and over the last month I have had a partial numbness on my right side (sudden onset). I have been through CT and MRI scans, several sets of bloodwork, and yesterday I saw a neurologist. After reviewing my scans and doing an exam he essentially told me he could not make a diagnosis based on the information that he had, but that it certainly could be caused by anxiety. WHAT?! I was furious!
    Ironically, on my way to the neurologist my physician called me to tell me that she had the results of some of my bloodwork and that my Vit D level was at 24, which was within the “normal” range, but on the low end. She prescribed 50,000IU of Vit D per week for eight weeks. After reading some of your testimonials I am very hopeful that this is what has been causing me to feel so terrible over the last 20 years or so. I am only 35 and I have a husband and 2 boys that need me to be able to function better. I will be thinking good thoughts for all of you! Here’s to Vit D and feeling better! 🙂

  30. Hi all
    I have just found out that i have vit D level 13, i went to the doctor because all my joints and muscles were hurting, also so tired and sad. I have a thyroid problem too and my dose of thyroxine has been put up to 200mcg daily, i used to be on a 100. To be honest i feel like crap and some days i feel like i am dying. The doctor has put me on i chewable tablet twice a day, is this enough to sort out the vit d deficiency do you think..what is the mega dose..liz

  31. I am amazed at reading all of your comments because, I also for the last 6 months or so have been extremely tired with a lot of daytime sleepiness and a total feeling of depression (just very, very sad) and that is very unlike me. I do have a very thorough Dr. and 6 months ago he told me to start taking 1000mg of vit D daily and I did. I just went back about 3 weeks ago and my Vit D was even lower, go figure. I was explaining to him how crappy I felt. I had been on 20mg of Prozac, but generic, for about 15.5 years and he said, maybe we should up the dosage to 40mg per day. He did and put me on Vit D supplements of 5,000IU 3 times a week. I want you all to know, I started feeling better after 2 weeks. I was not coming home from work and going to sleep until morning to do that all over again. I do have some aches and pains in my joints and so far those have not completely gone away. I have been on Synthroid for hypothyroidism for about 10 years now also.
    I thought the worst, that I had fibromyalgia or worse. But there is hope, my mood is much, much better and my tiredness is very much better. I can actually be a Mom and Wife again. Hope everyone has as good results. Jennifer

  32. Shannan says:

    I am very happy that I decided to research this, I just found out yesterday that I am vit. D deficient. I have fibromyalgia, arthritis and polycystic ovaries, and I am always extemely tired, all of which have been mentioned here. The daily pain has been a mostly grin and bare it deal for me, with the exception of flare ups. But the last year has been very bad. I was finally seen by a new doctor who gave me the diagnosis. I am now starting suppliments and am hoping that it will help. It is nice to hear that there are others out there that understand and that some are even feeling better with thier ongoing treatment. I am hoping to benefit from mine as well.

  33. I am so glad I decided to research vitamin D and came across this website. All of the comments mirror how I am feeling, sad all of the time, fussing and nagging my kids about the smallest offense, unexplained weight gain, sleepiness duirng the day, and all over joint pain. I went to the doctor for my annual physical and my vitamin D level is an 8. She prescribed 50,000 IU of vitamin D. I am looking forward to feeling better. I hate you all are feeling bad but it’s so comforting to know that I am not alone, and that it’s not my imagination getting the best of me. I pray we all start to feel better really soon. I will keep you posted.

  34. avril gaouette says:

    I to have vitimin d deficiency and have been taking 50,000mgs per week for the last 6 weeks. Six more weeks to go but am not feeling the benefit of them yet. Does anyone out there know how long these things take to work ? I can’t seem to find a doctor that will comunicate. I’ve had mononucleois and this feels an awful lot the same.

  35. Hello all,
    I am so releieved to finally get an explanation of my symtoms. For 2 years I have been dealing with anxiety, panic, attacks, 6 months of diarhea and lost 23 pounds in that 6 months. I have been still having anxiety, panic attacks, severe fatigue, no energy, sleep is irregular, moody, depressed, and I gained that 23 pounds back plus another 35 pounds in the last year. I have talked to so many doctors and told them there is something going on. I am only 23 there is no reason for me to be so tired all the time. My new doc tested my thyroid and glucose just like every other doctor. except this time when she said everything was normal I was not going to stand for it again. I demanded there must be something else wrong then. She tested my vitamin D and my level is a 17. Not sure where it is suppose to be but I go meet with her tomorrow and I am so happy that she found something to explain my symtoms. I had so many people tell me my metabolism is slowing down and that was the cause of my fatigue and weight gain. I am only 23 years old. I didn’t believe that at all. thanks for the info everyone!

  36. It is a relief to read the posts. I thought I was going crazy and being a complete neurotic mess. I have just received my Vitamin D test results and it is 28. This is low, but not as low as the many people above who express same symptoms.
    I am out in the sun regularly for exercise. I drink milk and eat lots of yogurt. I have gained 20 pounds in the last year and cannot lose weight witout going to 1000 calories or less and it is very difficult to exercise at that level of intake.
    I have been on the megadose supplement for 2..5 weeks and take 2000 mg of D daily. I am not seeing any change.
    I am hopeful, but would feel better if some one could expand on the timeframe in which they saw niticable change.

  37. hi, glad to find out im not the only one going crazy with depressive moods and being anxoius for no reason at all sometimes. I didnt feel like discussing my state with anyone because i didnt think it was anything serious or that important. very relunctantly and sheepishly i went to the doctor to say that i had pain in my legs and that i got anxious most of the times and that all this was interferring with my daily routine. he ran some tests, all of them came out clear and i felt silly for making just a big deal out of it till the vit D test results came out 2 days later. my levels were at 21. i m just glad to find out the link between my two conditions that didnt seem linked at all to me. i hope the treatment works soon and i feel more energetic. i had fractured my foot last year but blamed that on an freak incident rather than think of it as a serious problem. moral of the story is…….dont ignore pain and dont be shy of going to the doctor for help.

  38. Sandy F. says:

    I was diagnosed with PMDD about 4 years ago. I have experienced several of the same symptoms as everyone above. Doc just called this week and told me my level was low. Can anyone who has been taking the Vit D supplements tell us (i) if they work, and (ii) how long it took to start feeling these symptoms go away…or at the very least–ease up? Most entries say they have started the supplements and hope to feel better soon, but few tell us they actually did work. It may be because this seems to be so “new”??? Thank you.

  39. I just started my megadose 50,000 ui once a week. But I was also told I need to take a daily multivitamin to help bring in other minerals the body needs to make this work.
    For years, I have been frustrated to hear myself say “I’m tired” every single day. I would wake up tired. And several doctor’s told me I was fine, no thyroid problem, glocouse level was fine. I even had a nurse practioner walk out of the exam and say “sounds like you’re depressed” and left me alone to feel devastated. 5 more years have gone by and the fatigue continued and weight gain got worse and the pain and stiffness is almost dibilatating. I went to another new physician and told her of my muscle pain and weakness. My vitamin D level is 8 and I wonder how much longer I could have gone on like this. I plan on working liver into my diet and maybe supliment with Cod liver pills during the winter months. In the Northern latitudes the sun isn’t strong enough to cause the body to produce vitamin D. I just can’t believe I had to go this many years without being diagnosed. I’ve also begun to get dementia symptoms and can only hope that this was the cause of those. Will be seeing a neurologist next month to deal with that.
    I hope that everyone here, becomes cured of this and healthy again.

  40. avril gaouette says:

    I have been taking 50,000 mgs of vitamin D for the past three months and will be going for a follow up test next week. I do feel somewhat better but not entirely. I do have other health issues so can’t know how these are effecting my general health. I can tell you one thing for certain, they (vit D) sure take a long time to take any effect at all. We must just grin and bear it I guess. It’s not a whole lot of fun I know.

  41. Whew. Finally an answer. I have had a fairly recent onset of severe fatique, dizzy spells, black-outs when I stand up too quickly. The doctors had not been able to find antying up to this point but I was convinced there must be something terribly wrong and that it was not getting treated. Just today I found out I have the Vitamin D deficiency and have to say that I was quite relieved. You feel so terrible, that I was just waiting to find out that I have something much worse. My doctor has prescribed the 50,000 units and I hope to have good results. What a relief to just have an explanation. I am 40 years old but felt 100. I was so concerned that I was going to have to live feeling this way for the rest of my life. I thank all of you that posted. This has been super helpful to read through. I agree with everyone else and their sentiments… many people out there are dealing with this but being completely misdagnosed? If someone complains of fatique or depression, this seems to be the very first thing they should be tested for.

  42. I’ve had my blood tests and 50,000 mgs of vitamin D for the last three months have done the trick. It also seems that it’s brought my hemoglobin up to pretty well normal, which is good because I also suffer from pernicious anemia. Hang in there and keep your chin up

  43. Kathleen says:

    I have been feeling sad and so tired. I also have been having severe pain in my hips. Not like me. Requested doc check my Vit D. Just found out it is low. Don’t know how low; I did not think to ask. After reading everyones’ comments, I am thankful I had him check! His nurse said take vitamin D. I informed her I take 1,600 IU everyday (have for a year) and I am in the sun at least an hour a day. They are getting back to me. At least now I know what to ask after reading the comments. Thanks to all.

  44. im 30 and but have suffered with tmj for the past 6 years to the point where i would stay in bed all day. I started having joint pain, depression, mood swings, terrible migraines, and tingling sensations in my hands and feet. Went to the doctor and she wanted to check my d level it came back as 10ng. i was prescibed 50,000 with 2,000 of d daily. i feel better and it has only been 3 weeks. cant wait to be 100%

    • Hi, Kayla-

      I just read your post – “im 30 and but have suffered with tmj for the past 6 years to the point where i would stay in bed all day. I started having joint pain, depression, mood swings, terrible migraines, and tingling sensations in my hands and feet….”. This sounds EXACTLY like me, but specialists and teams have been unable to come up with anything (now assuming it is in my head)! How are you now? On the same dose? (2000IU/day). Still working? Did you go to a specialist? What kind? Thank you!

  45. hi everyone, just want to point out something else you might want to get checked out — your calcium and parathyroid hormone levels. sometimes that can CAUSE the low vitamin D levels, and be the real source of the symptoms. if that is the case, taking more vitamin D will make everything get WORSE.

    my vitamin D is low at 17, but i know i have a parathyroid adenoma — after that is taken out, hopefully in the next few weeks, i hope my vitamin D will go up all on its own.

    i found out all this from, i recommend checking that site out.

  46. Hi everyone,
    Just typed in vit d level 21 in the search bar and and I found you. Hope you all feel better with your Vit D therapy. My doctor mailed me my lab results and sent an RX for 50,000 units of D per week for 16 weeks. From what I have read above it sounds like that 50,000 units comes in one pill, and cannot be found over the counter. My symptoms were arthritic type pain and swelling, extreme fatigue (my mind wants to do something, but my body says–Go lay down!), and some sadness as well, but not severe. This is the second time in two years my D levels have tested low, so I plan to keep it in mind and ask for a recheck bi-annually so this doesn’t creep up on me again. A midwesterner in WI, it’s easy to miss out on the sun. Good luck to all of you and thank you for sharing! Trish

  47. I’m severely vit D deficient also!
    Would anyone know if this deficiency could cause hair loss as well?

  48. My dr. told me that low levels of vitamin D does cause hair loss. during my treatment he told me he couldn’t guarantee that my hair would grow back out because it started falling out about 5yrs. ago. Also when I was taking my mega doses once a week my depression subsided really quick. I was diagnosed with bipolar and now i am wondering if maybe the mood swings, depression and anxiety was due to vitamin D deficiency because I finished my mega doses as directed and took vitamin D supplements after words for three weeks and about the 2nd week I started not to feel so good and now on my third week I am having anxiety, panic attacks and mood swings again. I do take medication for the moods but it doesn’t take care of my mental health like the mega dose. I went in for blood work yesterday and I am waiting for results.

  49. Just a month ago I found out that I am deficient in vitamin d. My levels were at 8. I have a history of different illnesses that have been ignored, but after I found the right gyn who started questioning symptoms I gave him he tested me for thyroids which prompted my inconsiderate physician to do some blood work and she stumbled upon this; however, before all of this I was always sick with diharrea and bile problems,pms,painful cycles, achy bones. I live in Pennsylvania where we get plenty of sunlight. I hope they go up. I just am unsure what track I should be on. My PCP didn’t even contact me over the phone to tell me that they were low,just so happened that my hands were inflammed and I needed to take something for the inflammation I would never known. Then she acted as if it was normal, because she never took me serious when I told her I wasn’t feeling well. I am a 28 yrs. old woman who before all of this lead a healthy lifestyle. College educated, played volleyball, enjoyed my life over all wants to be sick. I felt better knowing that my symptoms were not in my head.

  50. I had not been to a gyn in 5 years and the only reason I have gone to my regular doctor is because I suffer from migraines and need Imitrex. My husband’s insurance changed and I had to find a new doctor and my blood work came back perfect, except for my Vitamin D which was 6. I’ve only taken 1 dose of the 50,000 units but the plan is to continue for 6 months. Not sure if the deficiency is the cause, but I was also diagnosed with bursitis in my hip and will be getting an x-ray on my knee to see if the pain there is arthritis and some cartilage deterioration behind my knee cap. I also have sciatic nerve issues and all these things are in my right leg. My left leg feels perfectly fine, so I doubt the cause is the Vitamin D deficiency. Like others, I don’t feel ‘well’ most of the days of my life. I actually notice when I feel good for several days in a row, which is rare. It would be wonderful if the Vitamin D improves how I feel. What’s sad is to think I’ve spent all these years wondering why my body feels like an 80 year old when there was an answer . . . at least I hope it’s the answer. Guess we’ll see. Good luck to you all!

  51. I just wanted to add that I’m 53 years old and live in Texas where there’s plenty of sun, but because of my weight, I’m always wearing at least 3/4 length sleeves and capris, not shorts. It’s so hot most of the year, I avoid the sun and thought I was doing myself good in regards to cancer. I drink milk every day but the dr said it’s not near enough . . . body’s gotta’ see those rays!

  52. Hi

    Last year a doctor ordered a D test, I was surprised, as I live in Florida, excercise outside, take vitamins etc. My level was 22, not terrible but not ideal (30 or higher). She put me on 100,000/wk for 6 months. After I began researching and writing about D and have since been very vocal about it. The recent revised RDA, from 400 IU to 600 IU is a joke, far too low. I wrote an article outlining the confusion and what the Vitamin D Council (the org I follow) is doing to get the panel to open up files about D they kept closed.—some-say-cover-up-going-on-a317459

    I generally feel pretty great, but have battled some mood changes for decades, post partum depression 10 years back, and since, PMDD (severe mood PMS). I have been on a 10 year quest to solve my mood changes. Now it’s mostly just a few days of cyclical mood changes, though I have a pituitary disorder and with my bioidentical hormone replacement being low-dose, I do not menstruate, in otherwords, I’m in “menopause” so to speak, but I still have cyclical mood changes because I’m only 45 so my body still cycles some hormones, and it’s the flux that causes the mood changes. That being said, I’ve read a TREMENDOUS amount about PMDD and the calcium-D-estrogen relationship. It’s so complex my head spins, the relationship between the 3 is beyond my scope and I read these journals all the time. Essentially the feedback mechanisms of the endocrine systems are altered in women with PMDD and we do not absorb enough calcium, or the parathyroid hormone decreases our calcium and D drops as well. So, for the most part, I’m going to up my D (I take 5,000 day of D3) to 10,000 daily on my PMDD days, and up my calcium to 1500 on those few days, ionic is best (liquid) so as to avoid excessive calcium deposits, linked to heart issues OR ideally, EAT your calcium, which is the best way to get more calcium. It’s all a delicate balance, but my suggestion for women suffering from PMDD is magnesium, B6, D3, folic acid, calcium, exercise, minimize processed foods, sugar, and get your hormones tested via a saliva test (more accurate for progesterone). If you do HRTherapy, only do bioidentical, never synthetic as docs had me on for 20 years.


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