Visit To ENT Doctor Friday

I had my appointment with the ENT on Friday and I didn’t find out as much as I was hoping to.  I did find out, however, that I have a deviated septum, which no one has ever told me before.  I saw an ENT 4 – 5 years back for chronic sinusitis and he never said anything me having a deviated septum.  This ENT said that is probably where most of my issues are coming from.  He also said I had a lot of congestion, which I already knew. 

What I found really weird was that when he checked my ears he said they were completely free of fluid now but to me it still feels like there is fluid in there.  My ears also hurt really bad, along with my gums and teeth.  Maybe the feeling is just residual effects from the fluid that was there for almost 2 months?  I’m not sure. 

He is sending me to have a CAT scan of my sinuses since it has been so long and he says he expects to see “significant changes” since I am having so many issues.  I haven’t received the phone call yet with my appointment but I will keep you updated once I know something. 

He told me to buy Mucinex (the kind in the blue box), which is an expectorant, and I am to take that daily.

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  1. Gotta chime in here, sorry can’t keep my mouth shut. Sinus infections are no fun at all and every case is different but I always say start w/ more natural remedies first. Nasal rinses, neti pot for example.
    And then of course keep in contact w/ your doctor as if things progress you might have chronic sinusitis. And then it’s a ct scan and the choices are usually balloon sinuplasty or endoscopic sinus surgery.
    Stay informed and Take Care!

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