Virtual Lobby Day for ME/CFS Awareness Begins May 10th

I truly believe that as ME/CFS patients it is our responsibility to get the word out and raise as much awareness for this disease as possible.  The CFIDS Association has made it easy for us to do so with their Virtual Lobby Day.  The purpose of the Virtual Lobby Day is to promote letter writing to pertinent elected officials and representatives to help raise awareness for ME/CFS.  The CFIDS Association says that this year their campaign will target Secretary of Health Kathleen Sebelius, members of the U.S. Senate and House, President Obama and Vice President Biden, and local media.

You can use the pre-addressed letter templates already created by the CFIDS Association through the Grassroots Action Center.  Let’s all do our part and please use the link below to send a letter to the above listed officials.  Let’s make this year the best year for awareness ever!

CFIDS Association Grassroots Action Site

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