Vacation and Gluten – Not A Good Mix For Me

We left the day after Christmas to go to Georgia to visit my stepdaughter and her husband.   I have been doing really well on my gluten-free diet and my energy level has greatly improved.  Going on vacation and going gluten-free when you have to eat out every meal is almost impossible and I did indulge a little bit.  I also ate gluten over Christmas.   My first few days in Georgia I was pretty miserable and was in bed quite a bit of the time.  I was wearing out by the afternoon and was in bed two entire evenings where I missed dinner entirely.

On my second full day in Georgia, my back went out and the exhaustion continued.  I was blaming my symptoms on a CFS flare but I believe a lot of it was from eating gluten.  In a way I am glad for the chance to not be gluten-free because it gave me the opportunity to see how I would feel and if a lot of my symptoms were the result of wheat products.  Now I can say that I know that gluten has been a major culprit in my health.

Now that we are home, I am more than happy to return to my gluten-free diet and I plan to return to the gym and continue my exercise program as well.  The new year is looking bright and I plan for this one to be the healthiest one ever!  Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. There are a lot of options for eating out gluten-free – a lot of restaurants are starting to understand how important it is to have GF choices for diners. Even some fast food restaurants (Wendys and Chick-fil-a for example) have menus with GF choices.

    It’s good that you found out for sure that the gluten was behind your fatigue. Best of luck to you.

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