Updates On XMRV Findings In Studies

The XMRV studies have been the talk of most ME/CFS websites these days and the one organization paying the most attention to the XMRV studies is the CFIDS Association.  The CFIDS Assoc. President, Kim McCleary, and their CFS specialist, Dr. Suzanne Vernon, have been providing great updates in emails and on Facebook with all of the news surrounding this virus.  I agree with President Kim McCleary that we should not give up hope that XMRV is related to ME/CFS simply because there have been additional studies done that have not found the same results as the October studies found. 

I think we all have to take into consideration where these studies were done and whether or not the same type of study was done that was like the Whittemore-Peterson Institute.  I am still optimistic that something good may come out of all this testing.  If nothing else, CFS has gottn a lot more exposure since October than we ever have! 

The CFIDS Association has an XMRV Resources page on their website that keeps all of the current information available on XMRV.  Click the link below to visit the site.

XMRV Resources Page

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