Update On Gluten-Free Diet

I am getting more involved in my gluten-free diet and over the past couple of weeks I have noticed some immediate improvements.  I was having problems with heartburn daily before I cut out gluten.  Almost as soon as I went off gluten, I was no longer taking Zantac on a daily basis.  I made filling balls for my side of the family’s Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday and I noticed as soon as I got home that I had heartburn.  Another improvement I have noticed since giving up gluten is I don’t feel bloated or gassy like I normally do.  I usually have a lot of gas and my stomach would normally bother me a lot.  Since giving up the gluten, I haven’t had any gas, bloating, or stomach problems.

I still have a lot of fatigue, but from what I’ve read it can take up to a year of eating gluten-free to see improvements in the majority of symptoms.  I’m happy with what I’ve experienced so far and it makes me excited to keep going with the gluten-free diet.  I haven’t found a gluten-free bread yet in any of the nearby stores that I like but I have found brown rice tortillas, gluten-free crackers, and some gluten-free waffles that I really enjoy.  I plan on making a list of the gluten-free products I’m using once I get more into the diet.  So far, so good!

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  1. It sounds like you have had digestive issues for quite awhile. When one cannot digest gluten, it can cause symptoms as you described, but it can also cause fatigue. This is because your body is using a lot of energy to try and breakdown the food it cannot digest. It would be wise for you to really adhere to gluten free diet. I would also advise you look into adding some apple cider vinegar into your diet before meals. People with heartburn tend to have too little acid not an excess.

  2. I have gluten allergy since childhood. I am always on a Gluten Free diet and i use guar gum in some of may baked foods.

  3. im always on a Gluten Free diet. i really hate my allergy to gluten because i love the taste of wheat bread. oh well, you just got to live with it.

  4. Your doctor or nutritionist should be able to guide you in this type of diet. Consult with them before starting any type of diet. After they have given you a okay than they will give you the info you need and I am sure they can give you webs sites that are best for you.

  5. I’ve been doing the gluten-free thing for a year and I will say it took me about 3 months before I really noticed that there had been a difference in how I felt. The truth is it was there within the first couple of weeks. For me, the gluten issue wasn’t as much the digestion but I notice it on the fatigue and body aches. The couple of times I’ve eaten anything with gluten, I’ve ended up in a flare the next day. That said, I have digestive issues like you described from pretty much every other grain (now that I’ve stopped eating them I notice it when I do) and also dairy just wrecks me. It may be worth digging a little further into what you are still eating and cutting out a few other foods to see if that helps further.

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