Update from Endocrinologist Yesterday – Good News!

I had my follow-up appointment yesterday with the endocrinologist and he was thrilled to see me doing so well.  He immediately noticed the weight loss (20.2 lbs. lost so far!)  and was happy to report that my sugar had dropped a total of 17 points so I am now officially out of the danger zone.  I started using the Medifast weight loss products about 1 1/ 2 months ago and I have seen a huge improvement in my health, weight and overall energy levels. 

The endocrinologist had also changed my thyroid medication to Synthroid but I fully believe that the majority of my results are coming from the diet.  I have talked to another CFS and Fibromyalgia patient who is also on the same diet and she reports the same improvements as I do:  increased energy, not tiring out as easily, when we do have flares they don’t last as long and we seem to come back quicker.  I know that it is no cure and that I won’t be healed, but I am thrilled to be feeling and looking as well as I have been!  My husband is amazed in the difference and the doctor was so thrilled yesterday he actually hugged me! 

I don’t have to go back and see him for another 6 months and I hope to have all of my weight off at that point and then he really won’t know how to react!

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