Top 5 ME/CFS Stories of 2008

The CFIDS Association has chosen five stories that they consider the best of 2008 out of everything they published during the year.  Here they are!  Enjoy reading these!

Treatment Research Results from Japan

The Japanese government has made fatigue science a national priority, and research teams there are using a wide array of techniques to study the mechanisms of CFS and treatment for CFS and fatigue. Here’s a rundown of various treatments one research team has investigated.

An Interesting Hypothesis

In the April 2008 issue of the journal Medical Hypotheses, a respected scientist from Norway shares an intriguing hypothesis about CFS being caused by a rare brain infection from a common, normally benign virus. Could this be a promising path to investigate as the cause of CFS? Association scientific director Suzanne Vernon, PhD, explains the premise and provides some context.

Pearls of Wisdom from a CFS Physician

With proper care, people with CFS can experience improved functionality and quality of life. In the spring issue of the CFIDS Chronicle, Lucinda Bateman, MD, shared five simple truths that have fostered improvement in nearly every CFS patient she treats. Here’s a special reprint of that Chronicle story for you to enjoy.

Treatment: Hot Weather Orthostatic Tips

Many people with CFS experience orthostatic intolerance—dizziness, nausea and increased fatigue associated with upright posture. These symptoms are often worse in hot weather. Here’s a two-page print-and-go” list of tips to help you cope in warm-weather months (and year round, if needed).

Treatment Print-and-Go: Clinical Wisdom

Respected CFS physician Lucinda Bateman, MD, shares a valuable treatment tip for medical professionals treating someone with CFS. This clinical “pearl of wisdom” is provided in a format you can print and take with you on your next medical visit.

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