Tips To Make Household Chores Easier


Cleaning house is never a fun job but when you are sick all of the time, there really is no joy in doing housework. Here are some tips you can use to make your housework a little easier on your body!

Have cleaning products in each bathroom.
I have two of everything – two bottles of Windex, two bottles of toilet bowl cleaner, two bottles of Scrubbing Bubbles, etc. It saves you from having to carry things around and if you have bathroom supplies right there at your fingertips, it’s a lot easier to clean up spills and messes as they happen.

Use three laundry baskets.
As you undress, you can sort your clothes into the appropriate basket: one for light clothes, one for dark clothes and one for whites. Then when laundry day rolls around, all you have to do is wash the clothes! The sorting is already done!

Storing household cleaning products.
Keep your household cleaning products up on a shelf at waist level or a little higher instead of underneath your sink. It is easier on our hurting bodies to not have to bend over anymore than necessary! You will get to bend over plenty while cleaning!

Take advantage of modern cleaning supplies!
I always considered myself an old school cleaner and would never get what I called “sucked in” to what I always considered the “easier way” of cleaning. I always thought that if it was easier, then it didn’t work as well. It’s amazing when you get sick how your thoughts change!

Two modern cleaning items that I cannot live without now are the Mr. Clean Magic Reach and Swiffer products. The Mr. Clean Magic Reach is great for cleaning the tub and shower, which have been the hardest cleaning chores for me since I became ill. If you don’t have one, you have to get it. Your body will thank you for it!

The Swiffer products are great for mopping and dusting. If you have a lot of floor space that is hard wood or linoleum, the Swiffer mopping/sweeping items are great and they pick up dirt easily.

Extra supply of trashcan liners.
Keep an extra roll of trashcan liners on the bottom of each trashcan, under the dirty bag of course! This way when you go to change your bags in each room, you don’t have to make an extra trip to get clean bags. They are right there and convenient.

Pick up as you go.
As you go on your merry way throughout your house each day, pick up any clutter or messes in each room before you leave it. It only takes a few seconds and it keeps your rooms from getting really bad. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when it looks like there is a lot of stuff to pick up and then you might be too sick to do any of it.

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  1. EXCELLENT TIPS! I think these are great tips for healthy people ass well!

  2. I love my Swiffer! I haven’t tried the Mr. Clean Magic Reach yet, although I have eyed it in the store. My husband usually does the bathroom for me because he knows I just can’t do the tub without hurting.

    • Dorothy Couper says:

      I’ve heard the Magic Reach is the pits! Nothing like the Magic Eraser. Waste of money and energy when trying to find anything making a task easier! (((HUGS)))

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