Third Trip to the Doctor Today for Sinuses

Today was my third trip in the last month to the doctor’s office for the sinus infection that is stubbornly holding on. As the doctor was examining my ears, my sinuses, and my throat, she was in shock over how I still had the same amount of fluid, the same amount of inflammation, and the same amount of drainage into my throat as I did when I went to see her two antibiotics ago. 

Instead of putting me on a third round of antibiotics, she decided to put me on an 8-day course of prednisone and to send me for a CAT scan of my sinuses with contrast and she was going to mark the order STAT so that it would be scheduled this week while I am off of work. 

I finally broke down and requested a week off of work so that I could try and get my body built back up and could hopefully get enough rest to get better.  I hope that the combination of the prednisone and the time off will be what I need. 

Wednesday I am also scheduled to go to the ENT doctor to see what he has to say.

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