The Best Vacation Ever!

My husband, son and I just returned yesterday from an almost 2-week trip to Tennessee and Savannah, Georgia.  My husband’s oldest daughter lives in Savannah and our son has never met her so it was a great trip for him to finally meet his big sister.  In Tennessee, we stayed in Pigeon Forge and went to Dollywood, Dollywood’s Splash Country, the Cherokee Indian Reservation, and the Tennessee Museum of Aviation.  In Georgia, we visited my husband’s daughter, went to Tybee Island and went downtown to Paula Deen’s store. 

Our son has never traveled that far by vehicle so we decided to break the driving trip up into two days going down and two days coming back.  We also did this to minimize any flares that I might get from the long driving hours.  When we travel any distance I like to do the driving because I feel car sick if I’m riding.  Concentrating on driving also makes the time go faster for me.  I did pretty well this trip.  I was able to drive 5 – 6 hours at a time before I had to turn the wheel over to my husband.

I did have a couple of days where the CFS & Fibromyalgia took over and I had to miss a couple of things but my husband and son went without me and left me some time in the hotel to sleep and try to recover.  I had about two really bad days in Tennessee where I wasn’t able to function very well but once we slowed down and took things easier I started to feel better.

The days where we spent traveling the most hours, especially driving from Tennessee to Savannah, GA, caused me to flare somewhat also.  That was a really long drive and there was quite a bit of construction, mountains and two-lane roads and we didn’t make very good time that day.  Probably my worst physical problem was the one that I would least expect.  My left foot that has been operated on twice for tarsal tunnel kept swelling and hurting really bad – especially on the days where we were traveling.  My foot would swell up really bad and it would be numb and hurt like crazy.  I haven’t had any problems with that foot for about 3 years now.   Hopefully now that we are back home it will settle down again.

All in all it was my best vacation ever and our son learned a lot, did the educational things he needed to do for school, and it was great family time together.

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  1. When staying in Pigeon Forge TN, Dollywood and Splash Country are always at the top of out list.

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