My Upcoming Appointment with the ENT

After 5 weeks of having fluid in my ear, I have finally gotten an appointment through my doctor with an ENT.  I have to wait until December 3rd for my appointment, however.  What is weird is that I … [Read more...]

Still Having Sinus and Ear Fluid Problems Along with Arm/Leg Pain

Today marks the 4th week that I have been dealing with all of this fluid in my right ear and it's not getting any better. I will have times where I think the fluid and pressure is relieving and then … [Read more...]

Latest Sinus Infection & Ear Fluid Still Not Better

I just completed a 10-day round of Omnicef for my latest sinus infection that gave me the ear fluid bonus and I'm still not better.  My ear is still full of fluid and I am still suffering from the … [Read more...]