Study On Upper Respiratory Infections in CFS

The British Journal of Health Psychology published a report that showed CFS patients report having an increased susceptibility to upper respiratory tract infections compared to healthy people. Do I ever believe this! I have always had problems with bronchitis and pneumonia -especially while growing up and in my early 20’s.

In this particular study, the researchers were investigating the role of stress and negative mood in the recurrence of these infections in CFS patients. They were also investigating how psychological distress plays a role in the recurrence of CFS symptoms.

The results showed that CFS patients reported more upper respiratory infections than normal test patients. They found that the stress scores were a lot higher in the week prior to the onset of the upper respiratory infection than in weeks when no subsequent illness occurred.

CFS patients also reported increased severity in their symptoms, mainly fatigue, during high levels of psychological stress.

I know for me personally anytime I am under a large amount of stress I have a severe flare. My body just cannot handle the stress at all.

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