Study Found Isentress (AIDS Drug) Blocks XMRV

A recent study by the University of Utah & Emory University has found that Isentress, Merck’s AIDS treatment drug, fights the XMRV virus.  While researchers are still saying that it is way too early to suggest that Isentress as a ME/CFS treatment, there is promise for the future with this drug. 

From what I read on Dr. Teitelbaum’s blog researchers stated that:

…Isentress found the XMRV virus “more powerfully than 44 other anti-HIV compounds tested against the pathogen in laboratory experiments.   According to a statement from Emory, GlaxoSmithKline’s Retrovir and Gilead Sciences’s Viread also prevented XMRV from replicating.

The results will need to be seen in clinical trials before the drugs can be used in a clincial setting. 

Isentress is the first in a new class of AIDS medicines that halt HIV by blocking an enzyme called integrase, which the virus uses to insert its genetic material into the nucleus of healthy immune cells.

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