Stress Is Causing ME/CFS to Flare

Stress is a sneaky little sucker, isn’t it?  Stress will find its way into your head and soul and by the time you realize you’re too far gone and too stressed out, it’s too late to turn back – the damage has already been done.  Your body shuts down,  your mind is exhausted, your eyes can’t focus, your concentration is shot, and your body is limp – and its all from stress.  ME/CFS responds poorly to just the smallest amount of stress and apparently, this puppy has been building up in me for a while because I feel like I am going to blow now. 

I have some issues I need to work through right now and some things I need to get off of my chest to some people because if I don’t, I will probably end up sick for a long time again and I’ve come too far over the past few months for that to happen.  My husband is always telling me that I am too hard on myself and I expect too much from myself.  But I feel like I have had to be like that because failing has never been an option for me. 

I am hoping that this week will bring better things for me and that I can get myself calmed down, get the stress levels down and get myself under control so that I feel better.  The fatigue, headaches, and body pain is so bad right now I can’t even concentrate to write anything else.  This post probably doesn’t even make any sense.

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