Still No Decision By FDA On Ampligen for Treating ME/CFS


On May 29th, I posted about the FDA postponing their decision on approving Ampligen as the first FDA approved treatment for ME/CFS.   At that time, I posted that the FDA reported that they needed an additional week or two in order to make their decision.   Allegedly, the delay was due to staff scheduling changes.  We are still patiently (and some patients probably not so patiently waiting) approval of this drug to help ease ME/CFS symptoms.  Ampligen will not be a cure or a magic pill for ME/CFS but anything that helps ease the symptoms is better than what we currently have to choose from.

Ampligen has received a lot of press recently and I have posted about both the positive and the negative if you look back over my posts the past several weeks under ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia Around the Web.   I had also received a few comments (which I deleted) that were not so happy with me posting the negative press on Ampligen.  Why is it that people have issues with me posting all sides of ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia?  It’s like certain people who read this site only want to read one side or their own personal opinion on these health issues and I refuse to do that.  In order for balance, and for everyone to make an informed decision, I think it’s important to post everything that is available on the illnesses and possible treatments.

To read more posts I have devoted to Ampligen, please click the links below.

I have read reviews of Ampligen from those who were involved in the clinical trials saying that they had negative results from it and I have also heard stories of thsoe who were finally able to function as a result of Ampligen.  One of the pro-Ampligen ME/CFS sufferers is Mary Schweitzer and you can read about her journey with Ampligen in her Ampligen Diaries.  Mary is also a ME/CFS advocate and you can read more of her work on Life with ME/CFS – Essays by Mary Schweitzer.

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  1. Is this May 29th, 2016? I didn’t realize the FDA was approving or disapproving already! Or is this article from years ago?

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