Step-By-Step Improvement: One Woman’s Journey With ME/CFS

I read a very interesting story last night about a woman with ME/CFS who was so sick from the illness, she was unable to walk and could only eat mashed food.  She had been bedridden and unable to walk for almost 20 years.   She was unable to talk above a whisper, could not read, write, listen to the radio, watch TV or sleep on her side or stomach.   She said that just being moved from her bed to a wheelchair once every couple of weeks so that her room could be cleaned caused a relapse that would last a week.

In 1992, she started to see some minor improvement and has slowly and steadily had improvement over the years by implementing some exercise and other tips. Here is an excerpt from her article:

I thought I knew how to proceed because I’d already gained some strength for eating by using a gradual approach. Since 1988 I’d eaten only mashed food. Then one day a whole pea appeared in my food, and I ate it without relapse. Within three months I ate almost entirely whole food. Now I sought the “one pea” equivalent for walking. I tried taking three steps by my bed but the relapse was severe and prolonged. Could I lean my hands on the bed and take one step sideways with one foot? Yes, but at a price. I waited for the perfect time to try again—it seldom came, and I realized this was not the way to progress to walking. Physical therapy didn’t seem to help, and for eight years I tried various exercises and strategies. Nothing worked.

If you would like to read more about Dianne Timbers and her journey as well as her tips for improvement, please visit the link below.

Living With CFS – Step-by-Step Improvement

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