Spinal Fluid Abnormalities Found In ME/CFS & Lyme Disease

 A recent study may have found that there are measurable differences between the spinal fluid levels of ME/CFS patients, Lyme Disease patients, and the healthy control subjects used in the study. 

Pooled cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples from nPTLS patients, CFS patients, and healthy volunteers were comprehensively analyzed using high-resolution mass spectrometry (MS), coupled with immunoaffinity depletion methods to reduce protein-masking by abundant proteins. Individual patient and healthy control CSF samples were analyzed directly employing a MS-based label-free quantitative proteomics approach. We found that both groups, and individuals within the groups, could be distinguished from each other and normals based on their specific CSF proteins.

Non-redundant protein levels of CFS patients = 2,783
Non-redundant protein levels of post-treatment Lyme patients = 2,768
Non-redundant protein levels of healthy control subjects = 2,630

I remember reading back a few years ago something that had to do with spinal fluid and the problems it may cause in ME/CFS patients.  At the time, I believe the doctors/researchers were saying that we have a build up of spinal fluid that needs to be relieved.  Spinal taps, I believe, were being discussed to help treat ME/CFS.  Does anyone remember this? 


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  1. I am a white male 59 y/o who tested XMRV poitive in September 2010 through WPI. I am a chronic pain patient. In December 2005 I had a cervical disectomy with fusion at C4-C-6. This operation launched my undiagnosed CFS into orbit. Pain was my first symptoms of CFS. I also have nerve impingement at L4-L5. My neck to the base of my spine is like a migraine of of my spine. I have been on Valcyte 10 months and have all the the secondary infections…hhV-6, Post EBV, Chlamydia pneumonia, mycoplasma fermentis etc. DHEA defeccient and vitamin D defecient. My personal experince is that XMRVs cause a great deal of inflammation in spine. I have a hard time with the pain doctors because I have painful flare ups that make it hard to stcik to my pain meds. I have an empty sella that could be related to CFS/XMRV spinal fluid build up. I would love to hear from anyone with similar experiences.

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