Sleep Disorders and Back Pain – This Week’s Issues

As usual, I am still having problems sleeping.  I had one night this week where I slept for ONE HOUR, and the rest of the week sleeping has been on and off.  I have also been having issues with my back since Sunday so that isn’t helping the sleep any either.  On Sunday, my back started bothering me at work and by Monday morning, I could barely walk.  Once I get moving, however, it starts to loosen up some but all week my husband has had to help me get dressed and undressed because of the difficulty in bending over and the pain.  The back pain I have been suffering from for about the last year has been different than what I experienced the 20 years before that.  

According to the MRI I had last year the doctor sent me for when I told her of the changes in pain, arthritis has formed in the herniated disks in my lower back.  So I have started having spells, like this week, where I will have severe pain in my lower back that goes into my hips and causes me to stiffen up.  I walk like an old woman and my muscle relaxers, Skelaxin, are not helping.  On Wednesday I went to the massage therapist to see if she could loosen up my back and help with the pain.  I had to force myself not to scream when she worked on my hips and lower back but I knew it needed to be done to give me some relief.  I did walk out of there better than what I went in but by last night the pain and stiffness was all back.

It really gets frustrating because I feel like I can never get a break.  If it’s not the ME/CFS, it’s the Fibromyalgia.  If it’s not those two then it is the IC Disease.  If it’s not IC, then it’s my back.  There is always something there wrong to never give me a good day.  It makes me stronger, however, and it’s just part of my life.  I have to deal with it – I don’t have any other choice.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about the increase in your pain. If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone, awake during the night. I’ve been up and awake several nights lately and my back has been worse. I think it’s all the high pressure systems coming through here that’s kicking off all the inflammation.

    Your MRI sounds almost identical to the last one I had a couple of years ago. Have you had your hips checked? I have arthritis in both hips and sometimes the back pain kicks off the hip pain. I’ve been considering imaging cortisone shots in both hips but I’m chicken.

    I hope the pain eases soon and you can get some much-needed rest.

  2. Sleeping for one hour? Really hoping that someday and somehow all your pain will be gone.. just continue on what you’re doing and never lose hope.

  3. Thank you both so much. I have been flaring this week pretty badly and sleep has been coming in waves so I’ve had to sleep whenever my body allows it regardless of the time of day. I appreciate your comments. Take care!

  4. I am in New Zealand and cannot tell which country you are based in. It must be either The UK or The USA. Can you let me know as I sold a natural product which has assisted sufferers of arthritis, eczema, fatigue, digestive problems and wish to post a message asking people to contact me if they are interested.
    It is about to be available in The UK and I would like to tell people how to get it if they wish to try it. Many thanks and kind regards, Gerard.

  5. Hello there – I came across your blog whilst googling for hip pain info. I’ve been suffering this for a while now and sleeping is quite difficult. I would love to have a day when I do not feel one part or another of my body playing up; from the sound of it you are in the same situation x 100.

    I really hope you find some relief from somewhere.

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