Sinusitis & Bladder Issues – My Life Is So Much Fun

I knew I was feeling too well there for a while.  I get my hopes up, feel well for a while and think that maybe just this once, I am finally getting my life and my health under control.  Then I get this bad sinus infection and I remember – oh, that’s right!  I have chronic sinusitis, which is common in people who have chronic fatigue syndrome. 

I have been feeling sick on and off for a while but last week, last Saturday in particular, I started feeling extremely bad to the point where I had to call off of work.  On Monday I went to the doctor and she confirmed my suspicions – I have yet another sinus infection.  My ears, in her words, are “full of mucus and so cloudy she could barely see my ear drums”.  My throat had, what she referred to, as the “hallmark cobblestone bumps of sinus drainage and infection”. 

My head feels like it is going to explode, and even after 5 days on antibiotics, I still feel like I haven’t improved any at all.  My ears are still full and I have that gushy, woozy feeling when I am upright.  I assume it is from all of the mucus and pressure in my head.  I always feel like I have to blow my nose, but when I do, very little will come out.  It is as if all of this infection and mucus and junk is just stuck in there, refusing to budge.  I need to get it out so that I can get better. 

To top it all off, the doctor also believes I may have a bladder infection.  I explained to her that I have been having some bladder issues but because I also have Interstitial Cystitis, it is hard to tell sometimes whether it is an infection or just a flare.  I had two episodes of incontinence right around the time my sinus problems started and that has never happened before.  Not in the way it did this time.  Normally, if I have a “pee accident” (this is what my son calls it!), it is because I sneezed, coughed, or was trying to do something physical that was too strenuous for my bladder.  But these two incidences were nothing like that.  Both times I was just standing and wasn’t doing anything else.  The urge came upon me suddenly and I couldn’t make it to the bathroom. 

So when I was at the doctor’s office, she took a urine sample because I also explained that I was going to the bathroom more, I have been having the pain in my bladder and kidneys.  But again -these are all hallmark symptoms of IC Disease as well.  

My urine sample showed high levels of Leukocytes (white blood cells) which is a marker of infection but again – in IC patients, it is common for us to show these, especially during a flare.  The doctor said she would send off my culture to have it further analyzed so that they could determine exactly what was going on so that we would know for sure – infection or IC flare. 

Just to be on the safe side, she put me on an antibiotic to cover both a bladder & sinus infection but neither one has improved any.  So I’m thinking a few things:

  • I’m possibly immune to the antibiotic (Cefdinir)
  • The infection(s) are causing the CFS to flare and that’s why I’m not feeling any better
  • or because I have CFS my body is not responding and it is going to take me FOREVER to get over this.

I went into work yesterday and only made it two hours before my boss asked me if I wanted to go home.  She said I looked pretty bad and I was hearing that from a lot of people.  Obviously, I don’t hide it well when I don’t feel good even though I try to. 

To top things off, I’m not sleeping.  I am super exhausted, but sleep won’t come, which tells me that a CFS flare is still going on, too.  This is what is so difficult about having so many health problems.  You can’t tell what is what and it’s hard to get better.  I just want to feel better. 

I’ve been running a low-grade fever and even after 5 days on the antibiotics, my fever is still hovering around 99.6.  I am scheduled to work tomorrow so I hope to God I improve.  I can’t afford to lose my job, especially now that my husband doesn’t have one.

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  1. Up until two years ago, this was basically my life story, with the sinus infections. I too was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. For two years I had a sinus infection, on average every six weeks. My family doctor finally decided to look at these as allergy induced. He put me on a daily dose of Claritin D. And I am happy to say, I have only had two sinus infections in two years. I have found that there are some things I can do to prevent my allergies from turning into a sinus infection. I have to drink lots of water, it helps keep my mucus thinned out so I don’t have so much trouble expelling it. I also daily, use a nettie pot to clean out my sinus cavities. These two things have helped tremendously. Good luck.

  2. Ditto for me all the way! suffering from bladder and sinus infection. Plus cfs. had bladd er removed because the pain was unbearable. Comforting to know I am not alone.

  3. I have discovered the solution for chronic sinusitis since I’m suffering from sinusitis from more than 17 years. The solution it to take a cup of Arabian coffee after breakfast and drink a lot of water during the day. I have been trying this method for months and it markedly reduced sinusitis.
    I wish you try it and tell us the results.

  4. Janet Hunter says:

    As a long term sufferer of CFS and Chronic Sinusitis with bladder chills at ‘flare up’ time i’d like to share some ways i found to improve. I had 8 years of swollen glands, sore throats,blocked up nose,,body chills aches and pains,chronic fatigue,memory loss,painful acid reflux etc. Anyone who has experienced this will know the list goes on and knows this illness stops you living.
    Here’s what i did to get a SUSTAINED break from my symptoms.
    1. Reduced tea and coffee to 1 cup a day – a real struggle as I was a 6 a day person for 35 years but well worth persisting with. Reduces stomach acid considerably and lets throat and stomach heal over time. I took an every other day omeprazonale for a month as acid was bad.
    2. Reduced sugar intake considerably – switched to Shredded Wheat from Breakfast bars. 1 sugary snack bar a day MAX if unavoidable. Cereal soaked in hot water and just a tiny spot of milk.
    3. Increased fiber intake considerable – I take 3 x 5g spoonfuls of husk fiber after each meal. Really helps with IBS symptoms having regular bowel movements.
    4.. I supplement with a pro-biotic – I think they work as my stomach is calmer during them.
    5. Increased water to 3 /4 liters a day – real important
    6. Switched from butter on toast to pure E Virgin olive oil – I pour a bottle into the old butter container and it sets in the fridge. Tasty and healthier
    7. For dinner I have lean white meat with vegetables and or salad and 3 tablespoons of olive oil and lemon juice dressing.
    8. Stopped taking phone to bed
    9. Started meditating – lets you come to terms with your self and your life and even better in a small group of similar minded people.
    10. Moderate exercise every day – I walk for 30 mins each day
    11. Warm bath with lots of sea salt added at least once a month – draws toxins out
    12. Vitamin C powder flush – 2 grams mixed with 1 pin of water 3 times a day when there are chills in bladder – this gets rid of them fast
    13. Went to a cognitive behavior therapy group – learned some great techniques for monitoring and recording energy use through the day – and group was very supportive emotionally
    14. Monthly sports massage – like you really deserve this whilst going through CFS if you’re fit enough to get there
    15. I now avoid antibiotics and instead tough out sinus flare ups with salt water flushes 4 times a day when flared up. I can get rid of them in 3 days with this. Gargle sea salt water daily after brushing teeth
    16.. Stopped eating fruits – they gave me sore tummy and I don’t miss those
    17. Don’t let worries mount up – talk to someone as soon as you have concerns about anything in life – you can’t afford to get ill through worrying and everything has a solution
    So I understand not everyone is the same but I’d put my life on it that if your doctor agrees then numbers 2,3,5, and definitely 7 are the most important but this amount in 7 of Olive Oil might not suit your personal needs. For me it has and it was in my humble opinion the most important ingredient to get well again. Good luck

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