Sinus Infections In ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia

Well – the last set of antibiotics, $50 for 7 pills, didn’t help because I have another…SINUS INFECTION!  Surprise, surprise.  This is the fifth one since September and I fear that I am headed down the same route I was a few years back.  I had to be treated 11 times for sinus infections in over a year before I finally got better.

Dr. Teitelbaum, the author of the bestselling From Fatigued to Fantastic, says that chronic sinusitis is actually a yeast infection.  Dr. Teitelbaum believes that antibiotics turn short-term sinus infections into a chronic problem.  He also shows on his End Fatigue website a study that found that people with ME/CFS had improvements in symptoms after Endoscopic Sinus Surgery.  However, Dr. Teitelbaum says that ME/CFS & FM sufferers can get some of the same results without going to the extent of having surgery.

According to Dr. Teitelbaum, fungal infections cause chronic sinusitis:

These infections cause a stuffy nose, eventually causing the nasal passages to swell shut. In the body, any time something gets blocked (e.g., an appendix, gallbladder, etc.), it results in a secondary bacterial infection—and the sinuses are no exception. When this happens, your nasal mucus turns yellow-green, and you go to the doctor in pain. She or he then gives you an antibiotic, which knocks out the bacterial infection and sometimes leaves you feeling better. Unfortunately, the antibiotic worsens the underlying yeast infection in your nose, causing more swelling and blockages and therefore more attacks of bacterial infections. This is why sinusitis in the U.S. usually becomes chronic.

Dr. Teitelbaum says that his patients with sinusitis problems usually have success with Diflucan and a compounded nose spray. The nose spray contains Bactroban and Xylitol and these kill the bacterial infections, low dose cortisol to shrink the swelling and an antifungal. While on the Diflucan, Dr. Teitelbaum recommends his patients use one to two sprays per nostril for at least 6 – 12 weeks.  Dr. Teitelbaum sells tihs type of nose spray on his website, End for $16.95 a bottle.   It is called Argentyn 23 Silver Nose Spray.   I think I’m going to order some tonight to try myself. 

It has also been found that sinusitis causes other problems as well.  Dr. Alexander Chester has found that chronic nasal congestion can actually be a trigger for ME/CFS.  In general, having a chronic nose infection can bring down your energy levels.

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  1. Kristy Slaughter says:

    I have Fibro and when it really took over my life, I had constant sinus infections, my doctor felt I also had asthma so they put me on pulmicort for it, and for some reason noone can explain … my sinus infections stopped, and if I forget to take the pulmicort for a couple of days, it feels as though I am getting an infection but subsides approximately 12 hrs after taking forgotten inhalations. Now I don’t know what this means or why, but I have never seen fibro and sinusitis in a related manner. Maybe this could help others suffering or bring light to my conditions. I also have a very badly deviated septum and that whole side of my face seems to have changed over time, it is no longer symetrical, any explaination or information would be appreciated I am so intrigued with ALL these symptoms and why, just seems that noone has ever put them all together and studied them they just keep treating symptoms seperately, doesn;t make sense to me but I did not go to med school !

  2. I have been using the neti-pot for my sinus infection (along with oregano oil- a natural anti-biotic). This post really helped, since in the last couple wks. I have noticed the sinus infection is getting worse. Fatigue to Fantasic is an amazing book & I trust Dr. T’s advice & will purchase the nasal spray. Hopefully it’ll help.

  3. I have FM/CFS and I too have very bad sinuses and when they get bad I have a lot of pain plus fatigue. A few years back doctor did put me on Diflucan and it did help. But, all of the sudden my adrenal glands quit working and they thought I had a tumor on my Pituitary Gland. But the MIR showed nothing. The Diflucan was shutting my glands down. One in a million but it almost killed me. So be careful.

  4. I have been suffering from CFS for 3 years now and was diagnosed a little more than a year ago. Sinus problems? ALWAYS! I do use the Neti Pot and that helps for temporary relief; but, currently I am suffering from what I believe to be bronchitis.

  5. I am SPEECHLESS…and that doesn’t happen to me! I have had Candida, have chronic sinus infections, have been told I have either ME, CFS, or Fibro! I research everything…THANK GOODNESS. I knew it! I just knew it! I kept forgetting to look up sinus infections and these illnesses to see if there was a connection. WHY DOESN’T MY DOCTOR KNOW THIS????!!!!!!!!

  6. I have chronic sinus infection fibro and now under active thyroid and raised anitbodies my body and mucels feel swollen and enlarged an full of inflirmation and fluid retention and in alot of pain but stupid doctors wontt listen untill u get something serious all they do is treat symptoms not under lying caurse thats why people remain ill and things reoccur and nonody gets better

  7. I have had fibro for 5 years now. At first I was put on lots of drugs and just kept getting worse. My niece saw Dr.T on tv and told me about him. I got his book then found a local Doc that practices his medicine (natural-homeopathic). He completly changed my diet to organic fruits a veggies. No wheat or gluten or anything else. I do eat 2 organic-cage free eggs a day. And I am TOTALLY pain free! It’s a PH diet. Still get the sinus…haven’t got that yet? So…keep me posted!

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