Sign Petition To Protect Our Rights to Pain Medications!

Please read the following press release from the Interstitial Cystitis Association and click on the link where indicated to sign the petition.  We need our pain medications and they should not be taken from us!   Instead of taking these needed pain medications from patients why not educate patients and physicians on how to better use them and prescribe them? 

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering advice from its Advisory Committee that would eliminate all prescription acetaminophen combination medications (like Vicodin and Percocet).  In addition, they are recommending taking the 500 mg (extra strength) dose of acetaminophen (the medicine in Tylenol) off store shelves and making it available by prescription only.  These changes could negatively affect people suffering from pain who rely on these medicines every day. Visit the American Pain Foundation website for complete information on the proposed acetaminophen regulations.

The FDA must consider all comments received by September 30, 2009 that are submitted to the official docket for this decision.  Please sign the petition letter by September 27, 2009 and the American Pain Foundation will submit the petition to the FDA.

Act Now and Sign the Petition

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  1. James D. Kankolenski says:

    My life has been turned upside down due to intense unrelenting pain brought on by a work injury that has left me with a permannent disability. The prescriptions of my pain medications has been a god send. Over the years of continous use of these medications my body has built up a tolerance. It occurs to me some doctors see this and some do not. Due to the abuse of perscribed medications I feel “all” doctors have become reluctant to perscibe certain pain medications. I understand the problem , I commend the pharmicutical companies for their response. I hope and I pray that my pain will be controlled again in the near future. At present I am currently awaiting my next lumbar surgery after a failed intrathecal pain pump. I went through hell for the last year trying to achieve the same level of pain relief I had accomplished over the years before the intrathecal pump was implanted. My first pain managment doctor had accomplished without the pump what the last doctor could not , a quality of life that I have not felt in a few years now. After the removal of the pain pump it seems to me the doctor was reluctant to perscibe certain medications. It may have to due with the perscibing of certain medications which have been abused by the few who have hurt so “many”. I know the medications I have been perscibed in the past work, significantly. I am now seeing my third Pain Management Doctor which I feel is the best , most informed, and is willing to perscribe medications I know will improve my quality of life in the near future. I am also awating authorization for a bone scan before I can proceed with my next lumbar surgery which I have avoided for some time. My pain levels have become intolerable, pain medications have escalated to the point doctors are afraid to perscibe medications which leaves me with my dilemma. I understand due to the nature of the half dozen surgeries I have undergone pain will always be a part of my life but if my new pain management doctor and my orthopedic surgeon can give me back any part of my quality of life I “had” achieved in the past it would be welcomed tremendously. Thank You for reading my comments and my prayers go out to the individuals who suffer the same agony as myself, God Bless ! ! !

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