Sorry I haven’t posted this week.  I have been very sick since Monday and I’m not sure what’s going on.  I have a hunch that it might be a sinus infection but the headache I have had since Monday doesn’t quite feel like a sinus headache.  My pain medication isn’t even beginning to touch the pain in my head and all I want to do is sleep…but I can’t sleep.   At first on Monday I thought I wasn’t feeling well because I cleaned the house and I assumed that I just overdid it.  I wasn’t feeling well before I started cleaning and I assumed that is why I felt worse after I was done.  But the fatigue and the other symptoms were different than what I usually experience with a ME/CFS flare.

I am supposed to leave for work in less than an hour and I don’t know if I will be able to make it.  I feel that bad.  It’s only a 4-hour shift but when you feel very sick four hours seems like forever.  Hopefully I’ll be up to posting something for tomorrow.  I apologize again for the lack of posts this week so far.

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  1. just got over a nasty nasty sinus infection, of course i let it get to a point that i had to use heavy duty antibotics to get rid of it. I was so convinced that i was just starting to flare and i wasnt sick. I think we should get a pin that turns colors when we flare so we know the differance between flare and virus or flu. Man if i could market that, i think it would be more popular than the mood ring!!*L* get better

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