Serology Tests for XMRV & Variants Are Available

VIP Dx has available for purchase the WPI licensed serology test that detects antibodies to Human Gamma Retroviruses.  These include XMRV & other human MLV-related viruses.  At the end of August, the VIP Dx website said they were receiving a high number of phone calls.  I’m sure a lot of ME/CFS patients are calling and asking a ton of questions before they spend their money to purchase the test kit.  Customer service requests that you either leave a voicemail (775-351-1890 or 775-682-8510) or send your questions via email to

Right now VIP Dx is only accepting samples from the United States and Canada, so if you are outside of the U.S. or Canada, they ask that you send them an email first. 

To order the test kit, you must pay $65 and use the Kit Order Form.  Instructions from VIP

All supplies and instructions are in the test kit. Your physician will need to order the tests, sign the requisition and provide a diagnosis code so that we can send you a proper statement of services and fees that you can submit to your insurance company.

All tubes in your kit must be filled and shipped room temperature by FedEx Priority Overnight. The clinical pack envelope and FedEx air bill are provided in the test kit. Refer to the specimen guidelines in the right column of the test requisition for proper blood draw for each test requested.

NOTE: Kits are universal. One test kit can include several different tubes for several different tests. Some tubes may be used for more than one test. For example: 1 SS and 1 Lav are good for a Cytokine Profile and an Immunobilan test. There are enough tubes in this kit to fit any combination of testing. If any questions, please call Lab at (775) 351-1890.

No special preparation is required for specimens; ship specimens at ambient (room) temperature. Specimens must be received within 24 hours for proper analysis. Collection and shipping instructions are included in each kit along with all required specimen tubes.

VIP Dx is a fee-for-service specialty clinical laboratory. Fees are due at the time of service. VIP Dx will continue to provide patients with a complete statement and paid invoice including all ICD and CPT codes so that they can seek reimbursement from their own insurance company.

VIP Dx will bill Medicare as long as the patient provides a valid copy of their Medicare card and any supplemental insurance. The patient must sign the ABN (Advanced Beneficiary Notice) included in their test kit. Medicare patients will be responsible for any fees not covered by Medicare and supplemental insurance. Kit fees are not reimbursed by Medicare.

I haven’t received an email back yet to find out the total cost of the blood test for those who don’t have insurance or if insurances won’t cover the test.

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  1. It’s sad to say that I have called numerous times and sent numerous emails. They don’t respond to any messages and it seems that they don’t care about the patient… just donations to keep their research going. They want to develop the drug that works so that they can make money. They can give a sh*t less about us. 5 emails sent and 6 phone calls with no response whatsoever. They won’t bother to mention the value of multivitamins, b12, b-100, d-ribose, hyperbaric oxygen treatments and other aids that would at least make us more functional. The problem with the virus is that it effects your mitochondria as well as as other parts of the body which are essential for repair. Endocrinologists that test the potuitary gland/hormone production and genetic doctors who run mitochondrial tests are necessary. Mitochondria are responsible for creating ATP which are the units of energy needed to support life and all organ functions. The WPI stinks and only cares about the $$$$ and not the patients. Do your own research and dont wait for the WPI or the FDA or the NIH to help you out. Read about the items I mentioned and its your choice to try the meds and see the doctors but I have regained 50% of my life back alone by reading every day and speaking with doctors and scientists. You have to make your recovery happen because these fools will nothing as they have done for the last 20 years!

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