ProHealth’s Top 10 Health Headlines of 2010

ProHealth recently published their list of Top 10 Health Headlines from 2010 based on number of viewers/clicks over the year.   Below I’ve included the links and a brief excerpt from each of the articles that you click on and read in full.  These are all great articles with a lot of information.  Hope you enjoy reading them!

1.   Repair Damaged Mitochondria and Reduce Fatigue Up to 45%

Clinical trials have shown that NT Factor® can actually support the repair of damaged cell membranes in effect reducing the cells’ biological age and restoring mitochondrial ability to generate energy. This is true whether the reduced energy/fatigue is from an illness like ME/CFS or fibromyalgia, a side effect of chemotherapy, or simply a result of aging. Studies done with severely fatigued patients in each of these populations demonstrated that NT Factor can support reduction of fatigue levels by as much as 45 percent.

2.   The Brain Boosting B-12: Hydroxocobalamin

Vitamin B-12 is an essential nutrient needed to make red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body, the myelin sheath that surrounds nerve cells, and various proteins. It also plays a role in fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Yet, despite its importance to overall health, vitamin B-12 deficiency is relatively common. It is estimated that up to 15% of the general population may be deficient in B-12 – and more among those with chronic illnesses.

3. Brain Fog & the Need for Good Energy Supply to the Brain

“Throughout life the brain creates a million new connections every second! This means there is huge potential for healing and repair – it is simply a case of moving things in the right direction. But the brain has to have the energy supply to allow this process to happen.”   What allows the brain to work quickly and efficiently is energy supply. If this is impaired in any way, then the brain will go slow. Initially the symptoms would be of foggy brain, but if it progresses one will end up with dementia.

4.   Dr. Mikovits’ Jan 2010 XMRV Seminar on (Video)

Note: These two videos are long, so allow time for the image to reappear after you hit the “play” arrow. Sound quality in the first will improve when Dr. Mikovits starts to speak.

5.   The Fibromyalgia Spectrum: Part of the Big Picture in Understanding FM

As a senior resident at The Ohio State University in 1988, I gave a lecture on Fibromyalgia at the Physical Medicine Grand Rounds. One of my lecture slides was entitled “Fibromyalgia, A Spectrum of Conditions?” I discussed how Fibromyalgia appears to be a “broader” condition with specific subsets. Fibromyalgia was in that area between normal and disease the “gray” area.

6.   Coenzyme Q10 The Energy Maker

With nearly 40 years of medical research showing its importance in managing a wide range of serious illnesses, it’s not surprising that CoQ10 has at times been described as “The Miracle Vitamin” and “The New Fountain of Youth.”  Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a vitamin-like nutrient that is present in virtually every cell of the body and is an essential component of each cell’s ability to produce energy. It is also a powerful antioxidant a chemical that “mops up” potentially harmful substances.  

7.   Priming Your Immune System for Cold & Flu Season

An estimated 65 million Americans suffer from a dysfunctional immune system.  When our immune system is not functioning properly, our body may become an open target for a wide variety of health problems ranging from relatively minor illnesses like a cold or allergies to a potentially deadly disease like cancer.

8.   Everything You Wanted to Know About Sleep But Were Too Tired to Ask

“The beginning of health is sleep.” So says an old Irish proverb. Yet according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, over 40 million Americans suffer from a chronic sleep disorder and another 20 million experience occasional sleeping problems.  If sleep truly is the beginning of health, is it any wonder we have a healthcare crisis? This vast number of sleep disorders costs the U.S. an estimated $16 billion a year in medical costs alone. When lost productivity, accidents, etc. are figured in, the cost rises to about $100 billion annually.  
9.   How Three Common Probiotic Strains Activate the Expression of Hundreds of Genes in the Gut Lining to Deliver Health Benefits – Groundbreaking RNA Analysis

“Probiotic bacteria, specific representatives of bacterial species that are a common part of the human microbiota, are proposed to deliver health benefits to the consumer by modulation of intestinal function through largely unknown molecular mechanisms,” begins a research report by Peter van Baarlen et al., a team of gastroenterologists, nutritionists and genomics researchers in the Netherlands.

10.   Blood Sugar and Hypoglycemia The Full Story

It is critically important for the body to maintain blood sugar levels within a narrow range.  If the blood sugar level falls too low, energy supply to all tissues, particularly the brain, is impaired. However, if blood sugar levels rise too high, then this is very damaging to arteries and the long term effect of arterial disease is heart disease and strokes. This is caused by sugar sticking to proteins and fats to make Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs) which accelerate the ageing process.

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