Please Respond: ME/CFS & FM Risk Of Being Classified As Psychiatric Diagnosis

It seems like we are always fighting to prove that our illness is real and here is yet another instance of that.  Fred Friedberg, president of the International Association of CFS/ME, recently expressed concern that ME/CFS and related disorders may be classified as psychiatric disorders in the new revision of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

Here is Friedberg’s post from the IACFS/ME website:

Important Alert to the CFS/ME Community:

The DSM-5 Task Force of the American Psychiatric Association is asking for public comment to their proposed DSM-5 manual of psychiatric diagnoses scheduled for release in 2013.  We are concerned about the possibility of CFS/ME being classified  as a psychiatric disorder, based on comments made in their Work Group on somatoform disorders (see letter below).  Of course, such an action would be a major setback in our ongoing efforts to legitimize and increase recognition of the illness.

We urge you to submit your comments about this disturbing possibility to the DSM-5 Task Force (   You only need to register on this website to submit your comments. (Once you have a login, click on Proposed Revisions, and then Complex Somatic Symptom Disorder.  At the bottom of page is a section for public comments.)  Comments written from the perspective of a working professional (researcher, clinician, educator) will have the most influence.

Comments must be submitted by April 20 th.

Thank you.

Fred Friedberg, PhD

Fred Friedberg has also written a letter to the DSM-5 Task Force.   Please comment on this issue.

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