Messing with Mother Nature

Leave it up to me to try and mess with mother nature.  I should know better that when I try to do something to benefit me in the future it is going to backfire and cause more problems, especially when … [Read more...]

The “Campaign to End Chronic Pain in Women” Launched on Capitol Hill

Thanks to the CFIDS Association for emailing the following press release and information on the Campaign to End Chronic Pain In Women. The following press release about the launch of the Campaign to … [Read more...]

Gynecological Concerns In ME/CFS Women

I find that now that I'm getting older, I am never quite sure if the symptoms I am experiencing are due to ME/CFS or if they are pre-menopausal symptoms.  My doctor had told me that I was starting to … [Read more...]

Sign Petition to Raise Awareness During National Endometriosis Awareness Month

Thanks to Jeanne over at Endo Blog for working extremely hard to help raise awareness for Endometriosis, a debilitating yet little understood chronic illness millions of women worldwide suffer from. … [Read more...]

Symptoms of Perimenopause vs. CFS

This year I turn 40 and for the past couple of years I have felt the hormonal shift going on within my body.  While my doctor continues to claim that I am too young to be experiencing any symptoms of … [Read more...]