New Chronic Pain Medication May Relieve Pain Without Addiction

Columbia University Medical Center researchers have given many chronic pain patients hope with a patent on a potential new pain drug that focuses on the "on/off" switch to pain that the researchers … [Read more...]

Living Daily with Pain Around the Clock

When I first became sick 20 years ago, I never, ever imagined that I would live 20 years with the daily pain that I have had to endure.  We hear all of the time that a person can deal with anything … [Read more...]

The “Campaign to End Chronic Pain in Women” Launched on Capitol Hill

Thanks to the CFIDS Association for emailing the following press release and information on the Campaign to End Chronic Pain In Women. The following press release about the launch of the Campaign to … [Read more...]

New Formulation For Oxycontin Approved By FDA

The FDA has approved a new forumlation for controlled-released Oxycontin, a powerful pain medication that is typically prescribed severe, chronic pain.   The goal of this new Oxycontin formula is to … [Read more...]

Would You Use Marijuana To Treat Fibromyalgia Pain?

I have been seeing a lot of stories on television lately about people who are using marijuana for medical purposes, particularly pain.  Just today I read an article on that medical … [Read more...]

ME/CFS Pain & Fibromyalgia Pain – Can You Distinguish Between the Two?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients suffer from pain as well as Fibromyalgia patients.  Sometimes it can be hard for patients with both to know whether their pain is coming from the Fibromyalgia or the … [Read more...]

Study Reveals IC Patients Are More Sensitive to Pain

Italian researchers have reported through a new study that they have "direct evidence" for central sensitization in Interstitial Cystitis patients. Central sensitization—essentially amplification of … [Read more...]

$1.8 Million Awarded for Pain Research

Researchers from the U of Michigan received $1.8 Million to develop a new therapy for neuropathic pain, which is a condition in which patients experience pain due to damage to a nerve without obvious … [Read more...]

Using What’s In Your Kitchen to Alleviate Pain & Inflammation

More and more people are trying to find more natural and less invasive methods of treating pain and illness these days.  With all of the problems we hear routinely regarding prescription & OTC … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger Post: The Messages in Physical Pain

Please welcome Abigail Steidley, owner of The Healthy Life, LLC Life Coaching Services and blogger of The Vagina Dialogues as guest blogger for this week.  You can read Abigail’s bio at the end of her … [Read more...]

Pelvic Pain Seminar to Be Held In New Jersey

On November 7th & 8th, there will be an Orthopedic Management of Pelvic Pain Seminar in Englewood, New Jersey. Orthopedic Management of Pelvic Pain is a lab-based continuing education seminar … [Read more...]

Sign Petition To Protect Our Rights to Pain Medications!

Please read the following press release from the Interstitial Cystitis Association and click on the link where indicated to sign the petition.  We need our pain medications and they should not be … [Read more...]

Webcast On Chronic Pain

I received an email on an upcoming webcast by Dr. Russell Portenoy of Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, who is a world renown pain medicine physician. The July 20th webcast will discuss how to … [Read more...]

FDA Says Darvocet Must Include Stronger Warnings

  Darvocet, Darvon and generics for these have not been banned by the FDA but the prescriptions must include stronger warnings about the potential for overdose and death.   The advisory panel was … [Read more...]

Gingko May Help Nerve Pain

Ginko is an herb Fibro patients can take to help with brain fog but there has now been another use possibly found for gingko:  nerve pain and pain that is felt with normal touch, also known as … [Read more...]