Interstitial Cystitis Diet – More Foods Some May Need to Avoid

Interstitial Cystitis patients have been told for years to avoid certain foods and drinks that can cause flare-ups of the bladder disease, making us urinate more, have more pain, and more pressure.  … [Read more...]

Diagnosis: Major Depressive Disorder Secondary to Chronic Illness

  The life of chronic illness is always a challenging one and it has never been easy for me and the older I get, the harder it seems to get - not only on me but also on my husband.  He has been my … [Read more...]

Long Interstitial Cystitis Remission Ends

Chronic - I hate that word and I hate what it means. Every time I find out I have developed yet another chronic illness, it is just another slap in the face of how I'm going to have to live the rest … [Read more...]

New AUA Clinical Guidelines for Interstitial Cystitis Released

    The American Urology Association has finally released this month the long-awaited new clinical guidelines for Interstitial Cystitis/bladder pain syndrome!  These new guidelines may be the most … [Read more...]

Breakdown At Doctor’s Office Yesterday – Maybe A Breakthrough?

I am normally not a very emotional person and I don't cry a lot. My son and I were just talking about crying the other week and I told him that it was okay to cry and he said, "But mom, you don't … [Read more...]