National CFIDS Foundation Funds Leukemia Research Investigations

The National CFIDS Foundation announced that they will be funding two grants totaling $225,000 to fund new research into CFIDS/ME and its association with a leukemic cell phenotype that it has … [Read more...]

Breast Cancer – Click For Free Mammograms

The Breast Cancer Site gives away free mammograms to women who need them by clicking on their site, but they have not been hitting their quota lately. They need a lot of clicks daily in order to meet … [Read more...]

Please Keep This Family In Your Prayers…

I have been reading this blog, Bryce D. Brown, for a while now and my heart goes out to this family. I believe this family could really use a large prayer circle right now and I am sending this out … [Read more...]

More News on Aspartame’s Role In Cancer

Italian researchers published a new study recently that showed aspartame might cause leukemia, lymphoma and breast cancer in rats. This was the second study by the same lab that showed aspartame … [Read more...]

Is New Alli A Cancer Worry?

I was reading a post on The Cancer Blog that discusses the new Alli (which was formerly a prescription diet drug by the name of Orlistat) as a cancer worry. The over-the-counter version weight loss … [Read more...]