New Pain Medication Available For Interstitial Cystitis

A new pain medication is now available to help Interstitial Cystitis patients deal with the pain they suffer from. Nucynta (tapentadol ), an opiate pain medication, has similar strength to Oxycodone but is supposed to be easier on the stomach & have fewer gastrointestinal side effects. According to the manufacturer’s website, Nucynta,  the drug “inhibits transmission of pain impulses and pain signals on ascending pain pathways.  In a study 602 patients reported pain relief within 32 to 46 minutes, on average.” 

Of course, with all medications there are side effects and risk involved so please make sure you research this new drug, and any other medications, before taking them.   For more information on Nucynta, please visit the Nucynta website.

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  1. Cool, relief just within 32+ minutes? wow.. thanks for the info.

  2. Johnny Morrison says:

    I started taking 100mg NUCYNTA about two months for severe pain. At first I was having good results with the experiencing of the acute pain. I am still having okay results but have had an experience of memory loss and confusion. Is this one of the known results or am I the only one experiencing this?

  3. FYI on this med:
    Tapentadol (Nucynta) is a 2nd generation of tramadol (Ultram), but is not to be used for chronic pain, only for acute pain, unless in the last month, the classification has changed. Some people find it helpful, but others dislike the side effects. TApentadol does have memory loss, confusion, sleep disorders as part of the side effects. You can google the medication to find out more about it. I find comparing the company’s website to other sites where people might be experiencing negative side effects is helpful; even physicians use google for that.
    I understand the phenomenon; they’ve tried duloxetine (Cymbalta) & pregabalin (Lyrica) for my fibro pain, but after a while, both had increasingly negative side effects, so I had to stop trying them. I even tried acupuncture, but after the 3rd try, instead of helping the pain, it greatly worsened it. Some things are fine when you start, then get worse.
    Having taken the 1st generation of a medication is not always an indicator of how the 2nd generation will work. Gapapentin (Neurontin) works fine for me (praise God), but its 2nd generation formulation, Lyrica, did not. I can’t take erythromycin (an antibiotic) but have no problems with Biaxin, which is a 2nd generation form. I can’t take lisinopril (Enalapril) but can take losartan (Cozaar), a related medication that works on the same pathways using a different mechanism. Even in the same generation, you might find you can manage one but not the other; my son couldn’t take lisinopril either, but had no problem with ramipril (Altace) in the same class; I can’t take ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) but have no problem with naproxen (Aleve). But you’ll find even doctors don’t always believe that’s possible. Nurses do; they’re with patients all the time.
    For the reaction Johnny’s having, I’d look first for confounding factors – trouble sleeping OR the medication might not result in much mental status change, but put them together & you might find yourself wondering if you have dementia! Also, see if something you eat around the time you take the medication makes the symptoms worse. I can’t be sure about tapentadol, but I know you can’t take cholesterol lowering medications with grapefruit juice, you can’t take certain types of antidepressants with cheese, wine, & other foods. WebMD & have pretty good medication info, or you can just use google to ask “are there any foods you should not eat when taking tapentadol?” If there are no confounding factors, try something else for a while, then try Nucynta again & see if the same thing happens.
    Best of luck on your journey, & I pray we will someday all be well & not need to worry about pain medication at all!

  4. Jane Ryder says:

    Oh my gosh! Im so glad I saw this, but I have NO idea who I would get to prescribe it to me.I have IC and I am in so much pain 80% of the time and it keeps me up all night crying, and thats really rough when I have a 2 yr old autistic child and im kind of old. lol. NO urologists will help me here, as far as pain. they have no problem hurting me though.
    I told my family doctor last week that I feel like nobody cares or will listen to me. Meanwhile; he was ignoring me, doing dictation and writing. :/ …sorry for the venting, im sure that probably not what you were looking for. I just will do anything for help, im losing my mind.

  5. I have IC & have had since 2010. I take Elmiron daily, but nothing for pain. I would like to try this Nucynta.

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