30 New Interstitial Cystitis Studies Presented at AUA Meeting

The 2009 American Urological Association Meeting, held in Chicago in April, presented 30 new studies on Interstitial Cystitis. Some of these studies include treatment approaches and research that may possibly bring forth new drugs to treat the illness. One of the surprising announcements at the meeting was that Interstitial Cystitis now affects approximately 3 – 8 million American women (3% – 6% of U.S. population).

Here are links to all of the studies you can read about further.


  • Food Sensitivities Affect Men with CP/CPPS, Too
  • Reducing Urine Acid Improves Pain, Sleep
  • Less Botox Injected at Bladder Bottom Helps at Lower Cost with Fewer Side Effects
  • Botox Plus Hydrodistention Beats Botox Alone
  • Chondroitin May Make IC Bladder Surface as Impervious as a Healthy One
  • Higher-dose Amitriptyline, Diet, Nondrug Approaches Help in Early IC
  • Retinoid May Thwart APF Damage
  • APF Derivative May Block APF Damage
  • Liposomes Protect Bladder Lining
  • Marijuana-like Drug Eases Bladder Spasms
  • New Gene Vector May Help Bladder Make Natural Opioids for Pain
  • Memory Drug Eases Pelvic Pain
  • Chemical in Feverfew Eases Bladder Inflammation, Overactivity
  • Complementary & Alternative Medicine

  • Chinese Herbs May Offer Significant IC Pain Relief
  • Acupuncture Beats Standard Treatments
  • Diagnosis & Assessment

  • Classification Strategy Could Individualize Treatment
  • Three Chemokines May Prove Markers for Symptom Severity, Improvement
  • New Pain Index Useful for IC and CP/CPPS
  • Nerve Growth Factor High in IC and Neurogenic Bladder
  • Patient Diaries More Practical than Questionnaires for Nocturia
  • Dutch Pelvic Floor Questionnaire Gives Consistent Results
  • Brain Activity Differs in IC, CP/CPPS Pain
  • Epidemology

  • IC May Affect 8 Million US Women
  • Rate of Related Conditions Rises with Time
  • Social Issues

    IC has Bigger Impact than Other Pelvic Conditions on Daily Life

    Basic Research

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    1. Just to thank you for all the amazing information that can find in your blog.

      I truly believe interstitial Cystitis can be beat through increase oxygen levels in our body, as well as, with a good nutritional program using nutrients able to reach our deepest level: our cells.

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