Natural Fibromyalgia Treatment Alternatives

The National Fibromyalgia Association has a great magazine that I subscribe to and this month they are offering some natural treatment ideas for Fibromyalgia.  Here are some of their suggestions:

The NFA says that studies have shown that taking a combination of 300 mg. – 600 mg. of magnesium daily, along with malic acid, may help reduce the number of tender points significantly & the pain felt at the those that remain.  They also recommend B vitamins.

The NFA suggests that eating more omega-3 fatty acids & fewer saturated fats has shown promise in Fibromyalgia patients.  Limit red meat & saturated fats and increase omega-3 fatty acids by adding more fish, flax and walnut oils to your diet.  Fatty acid deficiencies can interfere with the nervous system and brain function and cause depression, poor memory and concentration problems.

Improving the quality of sleep can help reduce fatigue.  The NFA suggests limiting caffeine intake especially before bedtime and reduce computer and TV time.  If you do watch TV in the evening, the NFA recommends watching relaxing, funny programs and steering away from programs that are violent and disturbing.   They also recommend asking your doctor for other natural remedies for sleeping issues.

Managing stress can help with depression and anxiety, which are both common in chronic illness.  The NFA says that cognitive behavior therapy has shown to be helpful in Fibromyalgia patients. 

If you are trying to find exercises that you can do with Fibromyalgia, the NFA recommends tai chi, yoga and pilates.  These all offer mild stretching, relaxation and breathing techniques which could benefit FM.

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  1. Fibromyalgia is really insidious. My aunt, who has suffered from this illness for some years, has had the quality of her life deeply affected by it. She has been run down and deprived of the energy to do the normal every day things that many people take for granted. It’s interesting that you point out that yoga and tai chi are good exercise choices for sufferes. She took up tai chi last year and I have observed a marked improvement in her overall demeanor and energy level since.

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