My Upcoming Appointment with the ENT

After 5 weeks of having fluid in my ear, I have finally gotten an appointment through my doctor with an ENT.  I have to wait until December 3rd for my appointment, however.  What is weird is that I had about 2 or 3 days where I didn’t feel any fluid at all in my ear and then all of a sudden – wham!  I could feel my ear filling up again.  I noticed yesterday that I was getting that pain back in my neck and in my head that is really sharp and my ear was full.  I am also running a fever off and on again.  I’m not going to get anymore antibiotics before I see the ENT.  I hope it doesn’t get any worse before then.  The probiotics I bought must not be doing much good since all of the symptoms are back strong again:  sinus pressure, sinus headache, neck pain, mouth and teeth pain, ear pain, and tenderness around my nose and sinus area.

I started feeling pretty good here the past few days and I thought that maybe, after two rounds of antibiotics in 3 weeks, I was better.  But that was wishful thinking, I guess.

Can anyone give me some suggestions on what to try?  This is everything I have tried for the sinus infection and ear fluid/pain:

  • Antibiotics (Omnicef, 300 mg., Levaquin, 500 mg.)
  • Probiotics
  • Sinus rinse
  • I’ve used Vicks on my forehead and sinus area to see if that loosens up my sinuses any.
  • Nasal sprays
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  1. Hello. Really good post. Sinus infections (especially chronic ones) are no fun at all and can definitely lead to other issues (not to mention pretty much take over your life).
    Dealing w/ chronic sinusitis is another story. Sinus surgery has long been the only option when all else fails. However there are now some other ways to turn. Balloon sinuplasty is gaining traction – lots of info out there.
    Anyway. Knowledge is power – do your homework and talk to your doctor. Find the solution that fits your condition best.
    Take care.

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