My Sister Has Diabetes

My sister found out last week that she has diabetes.  I had been telling her for a couple of months that she needed to have her sugar checked because she was having symptoms:  thirst, excessive hunger, weight loss, and fatigue.  But she hadn’t been to the doctor in 2 years and she’s like my mother and doesn’t like to go to the doctor’s office.  Finally, I had my husband take her blood sugar and it was 276.  She then decided to make an appointment and they called her the same day she had her blood work done and told her she was diabetic.  Her range was a 10.5.  She doesn’t have to take the shots but she is on two pills a day along with pills for high triglycerides.  The doctor put her on an 1800 calorie a day, fat-free, sugar-free diet.  She is losing weight pretty quickly right now but I’m sure she will level off once they get her insulin adjusted. 

It scares me to think that probably in another year I would have been in the same place if I wouldn’t have done something to get mine under control now.  My sugar was starting to get high but with having chronic health issues, I’m always having blood drawn so it’s easier to keep an eye on my glucose levels.  Hopefully, I’m out of the woods for now and I’m going to do whatever I can do avoid having to become diabetic if I can.

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