My Life Is Always Complicated: Now Have To Worry About Potential Skin Cancer

It seems like I can never get ahead no matter what I do.  I start to feel somewhat better and have actually been doing fairly well over the past month and then I go into the dermatologist yesterday for a routine Rosacea check-up and find out that I had four areas of what she believes to be pre-cancer on my body.  It’s a good thing that I pay close attention to my body because I just had a full body skin exam last year and I was fine.  I had been noticing over the past several months that on the back of my left shoulder that I had a patch of skin that was raised, kind of pearly and scaly looking that has felt rough, itchy, and would not heal up and go away.  I would put lotion on it like crazy but it wouldn’t go away.  Over the past month or so I noticed that the area was spreading so I figured I would have the dermatologist take a look at it.

The dermatologist said that the affected areas I showed her were over very sun-damaged skin (from bad sunburns as a teenager, but not intentional.  I fell asleep in the sun.).  She froze the areas and I have to go back in 3 months.  If the areas have dried up and healed (they are really black right now since she froze them), then I should be okay.  But I have to have a full body exam when I go in October to check everywhere else.  If the areas are not healed, then I guess a biopsy will be necessary. 

When will things ever be simple when it comes to my health?  Will I ever see that day?  I am just glad that I pay attention and don’t mess around.  If I would have let this go, it could have turned into something far more serious before it was caught.

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