My Leg Surgery Scheduled Once Again

I went back to the vascular surgeon today after wearing my compression stockings for three months, with no benefit, and I am scheduled to have surgery on June 24th, which is my 40th birthday.  I wasn’t looking forward to my birthday this year anyway so when they told me the date, I didn’t bother to try and change it.  It’s just another day.  I will have to be off work for two weeks after the surgery due to all of my health problems and the fact that it takes me a while to recover from the anesthesia. 

Hopefully this time the insurance company will approve the surgery since I did the “conservative” treatment they wanted me to try before approving it.  I will be very upset if they cancel it this time.  I have to go and have my blood work all over again and I had to put in for time off again. 

The doctor told me again today that my case was pretty severe and that surgery was my only option.  He had told me when I went in for the compression stockings that there is no way they would help because my problem was too advanced, but we had to do it for the insurance company.  I don’t know how I will act once this pain is gone!  The pain is such and my legs will tire and hurt so bad that I constantly want to lie down.  I can’t, however, but that is what my legs want to do. 

Pray for me that I will get to have the surgery this time and that everything goes okay.

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  1. I hope it works out for you this time. I hear you about the birthday 🙂 Two years in a row I had hand surgery on my birthday – -the right hand when I was 40 and the left hand when I was 41. And 12 years before that I had a knee reconstruction on my birthday. What is it with birthdays anyway?? 🙂 Best wishes!!

  2. Sandy – Wishing you the best possible outcome. I hope that Big Business of Insurance approves your surgery. Don’t we go through enough without that added to our plates? I hear you on the anesthesia. I recently had a colonoscopy with only 1/2 hour of anesthesia, and of course I had a backlash. It was more than I even anticipated. “Regular” people have no concept of what we contend with on a daily basis and the consequences we must face even when taking care of ourselves.

    Happy Birthday – I hear you on not wanting to “celebrate”. I’m also done with that, especially since I hit this current decade of hitting 50, now 51.
    I feel as though time and life is just passing me by while I am imprisoned with the me/cfs. We don’t get to repeat these years. I feel as though I’m 90 years old and skipped middle age, the second half of my life.

  3. Hi Nancy, Thanks for the well wishes. Insurance is such a pain. I had a colonoscopy done and I was awake during the whole procedure! The next time they will knock me out for sure. You are so right that the “normals” have no idea what we go through. I don’t wish these illnesses on anyone but I would love to switch bodies with someone healthy or one of the doubters for just one week. They would be begging to have their bodies back after day 1.

    I hope a cure is found because I hate the thought of having to spend the next 40 years or so like this. Ugh.

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