My Latest ME/CFS Flare Continues

This latest CFS flare I’m having has been lasting for quite some time.  There are times when I wonder if I am having a flare from the ME/CFS or I wonder if something else is going on.  There are always a few sure signs that a CFS flare is in full swing.  I will notice that my breathing changes and that I get out of breath a lot quicker than I normally do.  I am also having trouble with having that feeling where I don’t feel as though my lungs are getting enough oxygen when I breathe.  I am also having that terrible feeling where I want to sleep so desperately but I can’t sleep.  It is a much stronger feeling to sleep than what I normally feel. 

I have not been able to do much of anything and the television is starting to get boring.  I want to do stuff but when I try I end up back in bed or on the couch.  I thought on Sunday I was doing better because I felt pretty good when I woke up.  But after we were at church a while I started to feel very bad again and I couldn’t even hold my head up I was so exhausted.  Do you ever notice how heavy your head is when you are having a flare?  That sounds weird but I will get to where I can’t even hold up my head – I have to rest it on something.

Every night I pray that tomorrow will be a better day.  Here’s to another tomorrow!

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  1. I’m so sorry. I hope you have more hours each day with less pain and fatigue.

  2. Hey, I have CFS, IC,IBS,and FMS. I get the personality change thing. I tell people I am having an allergic reaction to myself, LOL. I laugh now but it is not funny. When I am feeling real crappy my husband says I that don’t talk very nice to him. I try to explain that it is my pain and fatigue talking and that what I have is a visceral disease and that it comes across as emotional pain. He says he gets it but he doesn’t. He will snap at me when my pain is talking. My son often says that my husband is misunderstanding me. How can he say he is supportive when he jumps all over me in a defensive way when my pain and fatigue are talking. He should be able to step back and say, “O.K. its her pain that is coming across in her voice,” but he cant do that. I get tired of explaining to him that I cant help it, I cant control it.Does anyone have this problem? Also, when I am feeling good, I start to do things and then I get sick, I mean sick, run-down, fever, swollen lymph nodes, and I don’t have the energy to punch my way out of a paper bag. Does anyone else get this way?

  3. I was diagnosed with CFS in June 2010 and I hear you! Insomnia, very sore throat, irritability fatigued beyond belief, etc. Then I read all i could get my hands on about CFS. Alternative Medicine, about Vitamins and so on. Then I took the recommended B100, 2000mg a day vitamin C and ginseng. And I can say that after 6 weeks I started feeling way better. Now I have the occasional flare up but it is not to bad. May I also add that walking for about 40 min. a day has helped. So; all the best to all my fellow sufferers 🙂

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