My Insurance Company Fighting Surgery: Back to Doctor

I received a call from the vascular surgeon’s office on Thursday saying that my insurance company is still trying to fight me having the vascular surgery. They said that they needed to have measurements of my veins before approving it. I was scheduled to go in for an ultrasound yesterday. When I went into my appointment, the man that does the ultrasound said that they have to start taking measurements with everyone from now on. I guess all of the insurance companies are getting really strict, not just mine.

As he was doing the ultrasound, he found another blood clot in my lower leg, at the calf, and he said the other two clots that were there from February hadn’t decreased in size any.  He said with the presence of another blood clot that alone should get the insurance company to approve the surgery.  He said that the size of my veins (up in the groin area) had to be over 5.5 and mine were more than 1.2 over that so again he felt the insurance company would approve this.

The pain was so bad this morning before I went to work that I was actually crying.  The ultrasound guy said that all of the pain is due to the blood clots.  I hope it’s over with this week.

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