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Why Am I So Tired?

If you are asking yourself, “Why am I so tired?” you may be worried that you suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia or that it is a symptom of a more serious disease. For the vast majority of Americans, being tired is attributed to lifestyle choices that drain the body of natural energy and can be easily reversed by modifying sleeping, eating and activity levels. Finding the source of your fatigue may take a little detective work.

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What Doctors’ Pet Peeves Say About Them

Those of us with fibromyalgia (FMS) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS or ME/CFS) have no end of complaints about doctors, and I recently came across an interesting list — the top 6 complaints doctors have about patients. I thought it would be interesting to have a look at these, in the interest of bettering our relationships with our doctors. FM & CF

Support group for Worthing ME sufferers

A GROUP of friends who suffer from ME, which causes extreme physical and mental exhaustion, are giving other sufferers and their families the opportunity to join them to regularly discuss the illness. For Charlotte Barnett, Sharon Ayling and Sarah Stezaker, even the smallest of tasks can become a challenge.

Horsham Today

Forced out of other sports, Vannoy quickly takes to golf

Langley Vannoy has left little doubt that she’s the most improved high school golfer in the area. Picking up a club for the first time 18 months ago, the Catholic High junior has incinerated 35 shots from her 18-hole average from last year. She has broken 80 on a regular basis for the Crusaders this season.
And that’s not even the most impressive thing about her game. Considering what she’s been through to get here, she has earned every bit of her success the hard way.

Fibromyalgia- the REAL monster

Yep, a real monster. He steals away the things we use to take for granted. It is so real and yet so unbelievable. I am so tired of explaining to people what “is that”? It is still not known in the mainstream of society and still has false information floating around in spite of the efforts made by the many patients who suffer it.

Chronic Pain Connection

Alternative Therapies for Fibromyalgia

Today The Times Health Guide takes a look at fibromyalgia, a mysterious ailment that afflicts both women and men with a range of symptoms that include pain, fatigue, poor sleep, tingling and memory problems. Diagnosis can take a long time (see Anne Underwood’s story, “The Long Search for Fibromyalgia Support”), and there is no cure. Though about a third of patients respond to F.D.A.-approved drugs for the condition, many more seek relief through lifestyle changes and alternative and complementary therapies.

NY Times

Processing Emotional Pain To Heal Your Physical Pain

I remember the shock I felt when I first realized there is an emotional component to my pain. I have always been a joyful person. I smile often, and it is the kind of smile I feel deep in my heart. Despite everything I have been through and live with daily, I have always felt fortunate and happy for my life. I knew I had unresolved anger and resentment, that is how I found myself in therapy, but I had no idea that I had been physically storing it in my body for years.

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