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Weathering the Flu With Fibromylaiga or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I think we all know a few people who’ve been hit with the flu this year, both the seasonal one and H1N1 (swine flu). It’s kind of a no brainer that the flu would hit those of us with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome harder than it does most people — what doesn’t? FM & CF

Cupar woman writes fairytale to raise ME awareness

A CUPAR woman has written a fairytale to help publicise a national campaign. Andrea Mardon penned ‘The Princess and the Ogre’ to encourage donations to the ‘Just Four Quid’ appeal in aid of biomedical research into ME, or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Fife Today

5 Steps to Fight Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) can leave you feeling unmotivated and devoid of energy. However, there are several steps you can take in everyday life to combat your fatigue and regain your energy. Regular participation in mild to moderate physical activity prevents deconditioning, improves the ability to cope and reduces the risk of other health problems, such as heart disease. It’s especially important, however, for individuals with CFS to avoid overexertion because excessive physical activity may worsen the condition.

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Fibromyalgia treatment needs more research

Dear Dr. Gott: The recent article on the difficulty in treating fibromyalgia (FM) reinforces the urgency in making available sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate (Meridia) to FM sufferers. Some doctors have found it to be successful in treating this widespread disorder. An 83 percent success rate was noted in an article in the September 2002 issue of Arthritis and Rheumatism journal. The article concluded that “controlled, prospective, long-term studies are needed to further evaluate the clinical utility of sibutramine in the treatment of fibromyalgia.” FM sufferers who read your column may want to consult their doctors about this medication.

The Times News

More on XMRV as possible cause of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

XMRV is believed by the researchers to be a possible cause of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, but also some forms of autism. It is a “simple” retrovirus, therefore treatable. Research is already underway for determining causality and possible treatments, based on AIDS research and drugs developed to date. Here, Dr. Judy Mikovits, the lead researcher, and Annette Wihittemore, founder, of the Whittemore Peterson Institute, discuss this research.

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Changes in Hippocampal Metabolites After Effective Fibromyalgia Treatment

The Clinical Journal of Pain just published a case study that evaluates the impact of fibromyalgia on hippocampal brain metabolite ratios. Researchers at the Department of Family Medicine, Anesthesiology and Psychiatry at Louisiana State University’s Biomedical Research Institute based this case study on the results of previous studies that used single voxel magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H-MRS) to reveal an association between fibromyalgia and disruptions in hippocampal brain metabolite ratios in fibromyalgia patients with no psychiatric conditions.

Fibromyalgia Research Blog

Musculoskeletal manifestations in patients with malignant disease

To detect and describe the incidence of musculoskeletal manifestations in different malignant diseases as well as their relation to the treatment received whether by chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Sixty patients with different malignant diseases were included in this study, 45 with solid tumors and 15 patients with hematological malignancy.

Springer Link

HealthyWomen Raising Profile of Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia isn’t typically what comes to mind when you talk about women’s health, but about 96% of us who have it are women. On top of that, researchers are learning more about gender differences and pain in general, which point to far more pain problems in women than in men.

Is it just me? Forgetting Just How Bad the Pain Can Be

Some­times, even after over a decade with fibromyal­gia, I have to be reminded just how bad things can get. Some­times, I for­get how every­thing can hurt. Some­times, I am sur­prised by how quickly the pain flares up. Some­times, I am pleas­antly sur­prised by how quickly the pain fades away. Today is not that day.

My Life With Fibro

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  1. Cold Laser Therapy Treats Fibromyalgia

    Many Chiropractors are using cold laser therapy to treat fibromyalgia pain. A cold laser is applied to the skin where the pain is in the body. It doesn’t hurt and only takes about 10 minutes or so. It is a natural pain killer, reduces inflammation, helps with circulation and relaxes muscles.

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