ME/CFS Checkup with Doctor Today

Today I had my semi-quarterly check-up with my physician to go over my symptoms, severity, and to see how my medications are (or are not) working.  I told my husband when I got home that some of the things the doctor tells us CFS patients is the same thing that terminal patients hear.  She told me before she walked out, “There’s nothing else I can do to help you.  All I can do is try to control your pain levels.” 

But with CFS and all of the other problems I have, it’s a viscious cycle.  I thought for sure when she found out how bad I’ve been doing lately she would tell me to give up my job but she didn’t.  She realizes the emotional toll that being house bound took on me and as long as I rest when needed and don’t go in when I’m having bad days, she won’t push the issue yet. 

I’ve been experiencing some new symptoms and my dizziness has gotten worse, to where I am stumbling all over the place sometimes.  Of course, I have a symptom that the doctor couldn’t give me an explanation for:  my head will go numb and then it will feel like there are bugs or something crawling in my head, but there’s nothing there.  I’ve checked repeatedly and I’ve had my husband check, too – nothing there.  The feeling is awful and I have dug my head open from scratching when I get that feeling.  Does anyone else experience this?  I don’t know if maybe it’s just another crazy CFS symptom or not.  Really odd.  I have an appointment to see my neurologist in May so I will tell him about it and see what his thoughts are. 

So my next appointment with my family doctor is in 5 months and I guess we’ll see what she says then.

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  1. The feeling of bugs *inside* your head is unusual, but your skin crawling or feeling like things are walking over your skin is pretty normal for CFS. I think it’s counted as a hypersensitivity symptom.

    I don’t exactly get it, but I do get small patches of skin where it feels like something is continually touching it when there is nothing there. Drives me totally insane.

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