FDA Returns Midodrine To Market for Orthostatic Intolerance

Just two weeks ago, the FDA had announced that they would be taking the drug midodrine off the market but now they have backtracked and decided to continue marketing the drug for orthostatic … [Read more...]

Is Anyone Using Medifast?

I have a niece who just became a health coach for Medifast and she was curious if I knew of anyone who uses Medifast.  She has lost 50 lbs. on the program and she said a woman at her meeting who has … [Read more...]

New Formulation For Oxycontin Approved By FDA

The FDA has approved a new forumlation for controlled-released Oxycontin, a powerful pain medication that is typically prescribed severe, chronic pain.   The goal of this new Oxycontin formula is to … [Read more...]

Experimental Stem Cell Transfusion Treatment for ME/CFS

The following article discusses an experimental and groundbreaking treatment by Dr. Paul Cheney that involves stem cells.  It addresses the potential benefits of stem cell transfusions for ME/CFS … [Read more...]

Will Acetaminophen Drugs Be Restricted by the FDA?

  This week an advisory committee voted to ban prescription pain medications Vicodin and Percocet, and to lower the amounts of Acetaminophen in products that we can currently purchase over the … [Read more...]