How Adolescents With ME/CFS Perceive Their Social Environment

For years there was concern overthe CDC having the same ME/CFS diagnostic criteria for both children and adults. In 2006, a pediatric case definition was created. To read the pediatric case … [Read more...]

England Receives Funding To Study ME/CFS In Children

The Clinician Scientist Fellowship & Dr Esther Crawley, Senior Clinical Lecturer at the Centre for Child and Adolescent Health at the University of Bristol has received 730,000 in research funding … [Read more...]

Pediatric CFS Article by the New Jersey Education Association

Pediatric CFS is a subject that needs more attention and awareness in America. I was thrilled when I saw the article, Recognizing and Assisting Students with CFS. I volunteer at my son … [Read more...]

Pediatric Case Definition for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The researchers at DePaul University have developed a pediatric case definition for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for children and adolescents. Because the criteria put in place by the CDC is for adults … [Read more...]

Children Who Suffer From CFIDS

King 5 News wrote an article on a 15-year-old girl who suffers from CFIDS.  I know it is hard for all of us who have CFIDS, but it has to be especially difficult on teenagers.  Your teen years are … [Read more...]