A Child’s CFS Misdiagnosed as Munchausen’s by Proxy

When I read Arnie's story that you can read in full at the link I've provided below on ProHealth.com, I was astonished once again at how the medical community has turned its back on CFS patients and … [Read more...]

The Paranoia of Motherhood with ME/CFS – Will My Child Develop ME/CFS?

I feel blessed to be a mother and it is a privilege that I never thought I would get to experience. I was resigned to the fact that I was never going to have any children, as my doctor told me at the … [Read more...]

Three ME/CFS Severities and Types Found in Children & Teens

I am always looking for information on ME/CFS in children and teenagers and there isn't much out there so when I saw this study from ProHealth, I wanted to include it.   Since I am not a doctor or a … [Read more...]

Phenotypes of ME/CFS In Children and Younger People

I found some information recently regarding phenotypes of ME/CFS in children and young people.  Phenotypes are differentiating sets of traits or characteristics. Thanks to ProHealth for the following … [Read more...]

Mono Linked to ME/CFS In Teenagers

A recent study by Dr. Ben Z. Katz of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago has discovered that teenagers who develop infectious mononucleosis may be at risk for ME/CFS. … [Read more...]