Check Out the Latest “Fighting Back Challenge” Stories!

I have some exciting new stories posted on the Fighting Fatigue Fighting Back Challenge website!  Both of these ladies are very inspirational and have done remarkable things for the CFS & … [Read more...]

Sinusitis & Bladder Issues – My Life Is So Much Fun

I knew I was feeling too well there for a while.  I get my hopes up, feel well for a while and think that maybe just this once, I am finally getting my life and my health under control.  Then I get … [Read more...]

Study Found Isentress (AIDS Drug) Blocks XMRV

A recent study by the University of Utah & Emory University has found that Isentress, Merck's AIDS treatment drug, fights the XMRV virus.  While researchers are still saying that it is way too … [Read more...]

Lack of Government Funding for ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia Research

The buzz among ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia patients and bloggers is the latest government funding figures for 2011 for ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia research, which were posted by the ME/CFS Worldwide … [Read more...]

Fighting Back Challenge: “Ten Things That CFS Has Taught Me”

The second story has been posted on the Fighting Fatigue "Fighting Back Challenge website and I'm thrilled to share it with you all!  Click on the link below and you will read about how my friend, … [Read more...]

The Only Thing Predictiable About CFS & FM Is the Unpredictability

The unpredictable nature of ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia makes daily life a challenge for those of us who are trying to survive with the illnesses.  Never knowing from 0ne day to the next what is going … [Read more...]

First Person to Take the “Fighting Back Challenge”!

Last week I was excited to announce the Fighting Fatigue "Fighting Back Challenge" and already we have received a submisison of an inspirational story by a CFS & Fibromyalgia survivor!  To read … [Read more...]

Patient Protest Against Myra McClure’s NIH Committee Approval for CFS Grants

  Thanks to the CFS Central blog for putting the news out there regarding Myra McClure's appointment to the Center for Scientific Review Special Emphasis Panel, which approves National Institutes … [Read more...]

ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia News Around the Web

Laura Hillenbrand Article Alert! There is a really good article today about Laura Hillenbrand in the New York Times. It is one of the most positive I have read so far and they talk at length about … [Read more...]

Methylation Protocol Effective Treatment for ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia

In my previous post, I announced the release of a great new book by Dr. Neil Nathan, On Hope and Healing: For Those Who Have Fallen Through the Medical Cracks.  In this book, Dr. Nathan discusses an … [Read more...]

The Paranoia of Motherhood with ME/CFS – Will My Child Develop ME/CFS?

I feel blessed to be a mother and it is a privilege that I never thought I would get to experience. I was resigned to the fact that I was never going to have any children, as my doctor told me at the … [Read more...]

CFS & Fibromyalgia: It’s A Winter Storm Every Day

When I woke up this morning, I could tell before I even got out of bed what the weather was like outside. No I’m not a psychic but my body can tell you whatever it is you want to know about the … [Read more...]

ProHealth’s Top 10 Health Headlines of 2010

ProHealth recently published their list of Top 10 Health Headlines from 2010 based on number of viewers/clicks over the year.   Below I've included the links and a brief excerpt from each of the … [Read more...]

ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia News Around the Web

Gut Inflammation In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a debilitating disease characterized by unexplained disabling fatigue and a combination of accompanying symptoms the … [Read more...]

FDA Limits Acetaminophen/Opioid Combination Dosages

The FDA announced yesterday, 1/13/11, that they were asking manufacturers of prescription acetaminophen and opioid combination medications to 325 mg. per capsule, tablet or dosage unit, whatever may … [Read more...]