The Pressure to Feel Well

   When one person gets CFS, Fibromyalgia or any type of illness that is chronic, it becomes a family illness.  Everyone who we are close to in our lives becomes affected by our physical limitations … [Read more...]

Organizations Announce Coalition 4 ME/CFS

   For Immediate Release Organizations Announce Coalition 4 ME/CFS, the First US Coalition to Promote a National ME/CFS Agenda   Coral Gables, FL, March 14, 2011 NeuroEndocrineImmune … [Read more...]

When You Make Your Life Public, Expect that Criticism Will Follow

There are many times I will think about something that bothers me regarding my health issues and feel this desperate need to write about it.  But as I've mentioned before, it can be challenging and … [Read more...]

The “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” Theory

How many of us have heard people say, or have been guilty ourselves of saying that we have too much to do right now, too much life to live and that "I'll sleep when I'm dead"?  I would almost … [Read more...]

When Did the CFS & Fibro Community Become So Ungrateful?

I have been noticing a growing trend lately among CFS & Fibromyalgia communities where discontent and drama are becoming as regular as if I were watching a soap opera on television.  What is … [Read more...]

ENT Visit Today for Sinus Problems – What Now?

I went and had my 2nd opinion on my sinus infecton problem this morning at the ENT specialist and now I'm more confused than ever. Sometimes I think 2nd opinions are just meant to confuse the heck out … [Read more...]

Spinal Fluid Abnormalities Found In ME/CFS & Lyme Disease

 A recent study may have found that there are measurable differences between the spinal fluid levels of ME/CFS patients, Lyme Disease patients, and the healthy control subjects used in the … [Read more...]

Third Trip to the Doctor Today for Sinuses

Today was my third trip in the last month to the doctor's office for the sinus infection that is stubbornly holding on. As the doctor was examining my ears, my sinuses, and my throat, she was in shock … [Read more...]

ME/CFS Covered Again In WSJ & New York Times

The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times do an excellent job of running several stories on ME/CFS throughout the year. I wanted to post a few excerpts and links to three recent articles that … [Read more...]

Doctors Need to Know Campaign

PANDORA & the ME/CFS Worldwide Patient Alliance kicked off the "Doctors Need to Know" Campaign on March 1st and it runs through March 15th and every ME/CFS patient is needed to get involved!  As a … [Read more...]

ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia Around the Web

.. Finding Footwear With Fibromyalgia To deal with my foot pain, the number one thing I look for in shoes is a good amount of cushion. I used to like a hard-soled shoe like Birkenstocks, but I … [Read more...]

Sinus Infection/Chronic Sinusitis & Other Problems Still Flaring

I have just completed 20 days of antibiotics, 10 days of antibiotics that the doctor says they reserve for the "big gun" infections, and guess what?  I'm still sick.  I don't feel as bad as I did, but … [Read more...]

Fighting Back Challenge Poem Submission

I have written a poem to be included as part of the Fighting Fatigue Fighting Back Challenge website and I hope you all enjoy it!  It is called "Out of the Rain".  Please click HERE to read … [Read more...]

ME/CFS Makes Everyday Life Overwhelming

Lack of sleep, and the hazy, uncontrollable, unrelenting exhaustion that zaps every bit of energy from my body - a CFS flare.  It has taken over my body, mind and soul and I feel it in everything I … [Read more...]

Breakdown At Doctor’s Office Yesterday – Maybe A Breakthrough?

I am normally not a very emotional person and I don't cry a lot. My son and I were just talking about crying the other week and I told him that it was okay to cry and he said, "But mom, you don't … [Read more...]