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Have You Checked Out Your Doctor Online?

Sites that review doctors seem to be springing up all over the Internet. Some are free, but many will cost you a fee if you want to take a peek at what other people are saying about your doctor. Sure, we all use the ratings of strangers when it comes to buying a new camera or trying out a restaurant, but should we consider online ratings for advice on our medical team?  IBD

Trial Provides New Hope For Those Living With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

A unique health supplement could give fresh hope to those living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) as trials reveal it can reduce symptoms of the chronic condition, affecting up to one in five of the UK population1. “Second generation” galactooligosaccharide Bimuno® was found to reduce abdominal pain and bloating, ease bowel movements and improve stool consistency in those diagnosed with IBS.

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I Heart Guts!

I’ve seen a lot of weird things made into plush critters (like my son’s Ugly Dolls), but nothing quite like this. These are body parts. As in internal organs such as the bladder or the pancreas. They’re not gross at all, they’re fuzzy, cute, brightly-colored organs. And, of course, there’s an intestine. IBD

Top 7 Celebrity Drug Endorsements: Commercial or a Cause?

People love their celebrities and advertisers love their power to sell virtually anything: makeup, clothes, sports drinks, even remedies for irritable bowel syndrome. For years celebrities have traditionally sold products such as cars, perfumes or financial services. Others have used their fame to help non-commercial or political causes such as ending wars, poverty or illiteracy.

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